The Ultra Modern Oceanis 51.1


A third of the Oceanis 51.1 is raised by a step, giving the ship additional space downstairs, an asset that is not present on other ships of the same year model. We will talk about the exciting improvements in the interior in a bit.

Nowadays, chartering a yacht is not only exclusive to the rich and famous. Anybody who wants to escape the stressful life in the city can enjoy the luxury of a holiday in a great yacht and because your accommodation is actually travelling with you, there is no need to pack and unpack each time you reach a new destination. The aura of sailing along magnificent shorelines and being in the middle of nature is very invigorating and one of the best holiday yacht that you can charter today is the Oceanis 51.1. Here are the reasons why.

Three types of Oceanis 51.1

To match the special needs of every boat lover, the Oceanis 51.1 comes in three various modes – Easy, Comfort, and First. They all have the same hull design but they differ in rigging and the interior layout. The Easy or Smart cruiser focuses on ease of use. That is why it is designed with a minimal number of winches for managing the lines. This model is best for corporate trips and family vacations. On the other hand, the focus of the Comfort type is, of course, as the name implies, comfort and luxury. This model has two extra winches, and an al fresco grill. Lastly, the First (fast) version, which is actually intended for racing, is designed with a supplementary 35% of sail zone, for that added kick in speed. For optimum performance, deck hardware has been enhanced, and composite wheels have been added.

Cockpit and Deck

The cockpit is amazingly expansive with lots of sun bathing spots and other relaxation activities. There is also a swimming platform at the back.

Evidently, the designer of the Oceanis 51.1 has a knack for details, complemented with ingenious surprises everywhere in the yacht. For example, you will notice that the foot braces at the rudders work extremely great when heeling and you won’t have your toe stubbed when these foot braces are not in use.

The cockpit table is huge with first-rate hand supports. The life raft storage is located astern and a fridge is placed on the other end. Sandwiched between the raft stowage and the refrigerator is a tray insert which can be used to load food and drinks in the galley and then carried to the cockpit.

There are total of six sheet stoppers in order to manage the lines from both sides of the cockpit. The hoists and pulleys are smartly placed so that the grinders are facing forward and can advantageously observe the sails.

Ultimately for the Oceanis 51.1 deck, there is more than enough lounging space, much to the delight of people who just want to relax on a boating trip. There are two lounge spots on both sides of the companionway and a huge sun bathing flat right on the bow. One other great option available of the Oceanis 51.1 deck is the grill that swings from the aft seat allowing the chef to stand on the swim platform when cooking.


The Oceanis 51.1 comes in different design options – you can go for the four heads and five cabins model or the two heads and three cabins. The latter comes with a master stateroom with its own split shower and head sections forward. Thanks to the numerous hatches placed overhead, the master stateroom and saloon are both comfortable, well-ventilated and bright. You may also notice the amazing finish of the interior that is splashed with so called brushed oak which gives the interior richer and homier ambient.

The half circle-shaped galley is equipped with a two-burner stove, lots and lots of storage drawers, and a refrigerator. There is also ample brace points in the galley making it easy to prepare food. The navigation area, or what in marine language is called the nav station, is spacious, with a lounge constructed sideways. The lounge has a pop-up feature in the middle for leg support. As far as the companionway is concerned, big applause for being at 45 degrees and having big, easy-to-trod on steps plus the railings for additional support.


In finality, the Oceanis 51.1 offers the best in luxury sea travel. So, on the next travel opportunity that you will have, make sure you charter a yacht and splurge in the amenities that an Oceanis 51.1 can offer. Make the most out of your family time with one of the best luxury yachts available in the market.

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