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Bali 4.3 REVIEW

The Bali 4.3 is a 13 metre catamaran that will attract sailors with a number of features not seen on other twin hulls of this category. With a design that maximizes space and enables practical solutions, the Bali is an excellent choice in terms of performance and maintenance, either for longer sea voyages or for island hopping and chartering in more familiar waters.


The hull of the 4.3 is a result of bold architecture and design, making the hulls flare to distinct chines just above the waterline, so that the underwater sections would remain narrow and efficient. This provides excellent buoyancy, a significant bonus for a vessel with a solid foredeck made up of lightweight laminate bulkheads, daggerboards and carbon fiber reinforcement. Featuring a high boom and a small mainsail, the Bali 4.3 also has space for a big, self-tacking Solent jib, because the mast is stepped at the 40 percent station. The design of the deck allows for vast amounts of entertainment space, made possible by a "garage door," a removable bulkhead enclosing the aft, that rises electrically into the overhead, which connects the cockpit and the saloon. The bulkhead still has windows and a door, which is a genius solution that creates tons of free-flowing space and a great view, or privacy if needed.

The flybridge, several meter from either side of the foredeck, has a comfortable helm seat and a bench with a small table, capable of sitting 4-5 people comfortably, with flush-mounted solar panels on the stern. The bow also contains a massive sundeck instead of the more traditional trampolines, with five extra-large sun beds and a settee for five to eight people, with an option of adding two small removable tables between them. The Bali 4.3 is powered by twin Kubota diesel engines, which are connected to the saildrive at the forward end, providing easy maintenance access. The engines can accomplish 8 knots at 2,500 RPM. Focusing on the saildrive, the 4.3. can reach 5 knots in a true wind speed of 7 knots, an impressive performance for a boat of this size and shape.


The accommodations in the Bali make use of quality materials which complements the design features of the 4.3. The modern "Loft" feel of the interior is the result of the revolutionary open concept, which the architecture of the Bali 4.3. provides. There are several distinct versions of accommodations for the Bali 4.3., as it is the case with all twin hulls. The three-cabin version features plenty of storage space and privacy for the master cabin, which is located in the port hull. The guest cabins in the starboard hull are also spacious, but contain less of added features, like closets and shelves. There is also the 4.3 four-cabin charter version. The galley is spacious beyond measure, containing a state-of-the-art over and double-sink forward, with the fridge and microwave to starboard and aft. The galley appliances are all top-quality, with the fridge being American-style and apartment-size.

The nav station is also housed in the galley, providing good visibility and the possibility of commanding the vessel from the inside of the saloon, using the autopilot. Work and counter space, together with an abundance of storage area, creates a galley design that makes sense when entertaining a greater number of people. Wide windows cover the forward end of the saloon, allowing natural light to complement the light wood and leather furnishings of the interior decor. The cabins in the Bali are built using quality materials which complement the design features of the 4.3.Below deck, the cabins offer huge amounts of space for unobstructed movement and storage. Each cabin has it`s own toilet, with separate showers and head facilities. The master cabin has several unique additional customization options, with integrated television, closet and work station, together with a super-sized shower, separated from the toilette.


The Bali 4.3. is a one-of-a-kind catamaran with special features not common in most of what the market has to offer. The 4.3 can be great either in the role of a cruiser or a charter vessel. The single most innovative feature that represents the Bali 4.3 is the single cockpit-saloon area, which provides a great panoramic view, and is the main reason why most sailors tend to gravitate towards the Bali 4.3., when in stock.

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