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Bavaria Nautitech 46 - a product of a meticulous workmanship

The Bavaria Nautitech 46 REVIEW

In terms of quality-for-price relation, the Bavaria Nautitech 46 trumps all other vessels in the same category, coming in two versions: Open and Fly, available in 3 or 4 cabin variants. Any sailor wishing on purchasing or chartering this yacht, will be the most pleased with the range of comfort, safety and stability the Bavaria Nautitech 46 provides.


The deck of the Bavaria Nautitech 46 is a result of combining precise engineering with a harmonious feel for aesthetics. The entirety of the deck is designed around the premise of entertainment, with a sun lounge placed on the bow and trampolines located on the bright, offering more space for lounging and entertaining. The saloon and the galley are located in the frontal end of the deck-bridge, thus giving them a 360° perspective, with the help of wide-surface panoramic windows. The saloon also occupies a more external position, being more outside than inside. Thus, the open concept of the saloon blends seamlessly with the big cockpit astern, making steering and communication with the skipper possible from the inside. The dining and lounging areas are also protected by rigid bimini and optional, removable canvases which can serve as further protection in unfavourable weather conditions.

There is even a place for more intimate conversations on the flybridge, where two additional seats are created, with the backrest of the helm seat pivoting when at anchor. The deck of the Bavaria Nautitech 46 also incorporates flush hatches, a bow roller for the anchor and the steering pedestal with a GPS plotter. All in all, the rig is moderately conventional, implementing a square-top mainsail, a self-tacking working jib and a gennaker on the bowsprit.

Interior - Cabins

The interior design is governed by principals of elegance and pragmaticism. The cabins of the Bavaria Nautitech 46 are comfortable and spacious, thanks to practical storage spaces located in all parts of the vessel, which in turn provide lots of space to move around without getting clogged. The galley is big, with high quality appliances integrated in a way that does not interrupt the flow of passengers and crew. The bathrooms are fitted with quality wood and polymer materials, making them durable and beautiful at the same time, with spacious showers and a separate toilet. The furniture is comfortable and brightly furnished, with a light wooden tone that complements the abundance of natural light, coming in from big skylights, which also have practical shades, letting you control the intensity of the light to any degree. There are also numerous hull windows and overhead hatches providing ample of natural light below the deck. The Bavaria Nautitech 46 was designed to keep the weight of the vessel to a minimum, which in turn boosts speed and overall performance, combined with the power of twin 40hp Volvo Penta diesel engines, which can give a range of several hundred miles. The engine room holds ample of spare space, which can be used as a storage or converted for a specific purpose.


The Bavaria Nautitech 46 comes in two versions: Open and Fly, which are available in three or four cabin versions. The Bavaria Nautitech 46 Fly is recognizable for the built in flybridge, that the original 46 Open does not possess. The flybridge opens a wider corridor for the crew and the passengers, while also providing excellent line of sight visibility. Skippers can also interact freely with other passengers using the flybridge, whilst piloting the vessel. The Bavaria Nautitech 46 in the Open version offers the helmsman two helmstands at the stern for maximizing visibility and practical lazy jacks with a big lazy bag, which can be reached without stretching, by so making, taking in and setting the mainsail easy and convenient. Add to this the specially shaped hulls that make sailing calmer and you get a well-rounded vessel, capable of everything, from leisure activities to performance sailing, even under strenuous conditions. The OPEN version of the Bavaria Nautitech 46 also provides sliding glass door between the cockpit lounge and saloon, which combines these two spaces into a single large living space with an open concept, with everything being placed on a single level. The four-cabin version of the boat contains two identical hulls, each fitted with two cabins, which contain plenty of storage space, a spacious bed, a shared shower and separate toilets. The three-cabin, on the other hand, devotes one entire hull to a luxury suite on the port side, making the bed bigger and the bathroom more spacious. The three-cabin Bavaria Nautitech 46 also has two smaller cabins in the forepeaks.


The Bavaria Nautitech 46, whichever way you choose to charter or purchase it, be it Open or Fly versions, with three or four cabin versions, is a product of meticulous workmanship using modern technique and materials, to produce the ultimate vessel that incorporates the principles of customisation and performance. The structural layup fits nicely, with a perfectly tuned rig and slim sturdy hulls which ensure top performance. The plumbing and electrical installations are well positioned, sized down and installed in a sturdy manner. The Bavaria series is the epitome of custom design, because of so many personalized ways the Nautitech can be constructed.

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