About Yacht Charter in Turkey

Located in the Anatolian peninsula, Turkey has always been known as a gateway to Asia Minor and Major, combining the best from all worlds. Bordering the Marmara, the Aegean and the Black Sea, Turkey`s most nautically developed areas are on her Mediterranean shores, with the most renowned part in the south, The Turquoise Coast. A swift sunrise over the towering minarets of Turkey can only be matched by the call to prayer at dawn in Istanbul, where religion and culture, a strong trait in the Turkish people, breeds hospitality and warm welcomes for every sailor and traveler, wherever he may go.

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Sailing regions in Turkey

Adaköy Mahallesi

The secluded Adaköy, located within the bay of Marmaris, is a beautiful bay, peaceful and well protected from weather in all directions. The view is stunning and to be admired whilst enjoying clear waters and sea sports. The Adaköy marina is equipped with all the modern facilities, to provide each charterer with a unique experience, with peace and quiet being the strong suites of Adaköy.


In the last decades, the Eastern Aegean has seen many modernization and improvements in maritime infrastructure. In regions such as Marmaris and Fethiye modern docks and marinas have been built. Fethiye provides the most modern sailing service, all the while retaining natural beauty, with green and blue colors dominating and slight hints of white, with swift red sunsets.

Göcek Mahallesi

Göcek, a small town in Fethiye district located in the Muğla Province of Turkey has been declared a special environmental protection area. In the vicinity of Göcek, 12 islands await sailors who will bask in clear waters, covered with the shade of old pine trees. A wide array of beaches includes Sarigerme, a long sandy beach, Iztuzu in the Dalyan Delta and Oludeniz. Göcek hosts 4 marinas and many bars and restaurants at the promenade, as well as cultural sites like Tlos and Telmessos. According to legends, it is in the Gocek area that Ikarus crash-landed in the sea.

Karagözler Mahallesi

The hospitality you will encounter in Karagözler, being waited upon like royalty, will sweep you off your feet. The people of Karagözler welcome every guest with a grace matched only by their piety and love towards God. Relaxing scenery, with clean water and clean beaches, wins over one and all who come to sail here.


Marmaris and the neighboring resorts are known as Turkey’s yachting capital, with large harbors and sailing facilities. Sail and swim through phosphorus caves and secluded bays. In the evening smoke shisha and feel like a sultan, having all of the sea glistening sea horizon at your feet, ready to be explored.


Muğla incorporates internationally known tourist resorts, Bodrum and Sarigerme to name a few. Muğla `s architectural heritage will surely win over visitors with key attractions such as the Muğla City Museum, Vakğflar Hamam - a still operating Turkish bath from the 13th century, and an Ottoman Empire-era bazaar.

Sarıana Mahallesi

The Sarıanacoastline is full of life, buzzing with activity. During the day, the colors of summer mix with those of many spices, tingling and intensive. In the evening, the promenade comes to life with lights, flickering in the darkness. Many a fine wares and goods can be found in the shops and boutiques of Sarıanaand fresh seafood can be enjoyed among plenty of quality establishments.

Tepecik Mahallesi

Eat and drink, then swim and sail like a king. Enjoy local cuisine, a wonderful blend of exotic spices and old recipes, combined with a modern twist. It really is mouthwatering to be able to harbor in your heart the memories of a Turkish late supper under the starry sky with the waves slowly and gently nudging the stern of your chartered yacht.

When is perfect time to sail in Turkey?

The Turkish coastline is always sunny and hot in the summer, be it in the air or in the water. The sailing season in Turkey is between the months of May and October. Turkey's average all-year temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees, reaching 30+ degrees Celsius in the summer. The water temperature is 26 in the summer. The predominant winds in Turkey are Meltemi and Lodos. The Meltemi, from the north, is a strong and warm wind that blows mainly in August, and the Lodos a strong southeastern wind, that should not worry anyone who does no travel to Turkey in autumn or winter.