Elan Impression 45: take the cruise of your life


True to its name, the Elan Impression 45 provides the best impression for the best cruisers ever on water. The impression 45 boat by Elan is, by every sense of the word, a cruising yacht. This is evident in its sun lounge pad up in the foredeck. The company is well known for its beautifully designed skis have the best boat for smooth cruising across all time zones around the world.


The hull and deck are constructed by Elan using what the company refers to as “VAIL” technology –an acronym for Vacuum Assisted Infusion Lamination, a system that provides a light stiff and a nice full hull for the smooth cruise. This kind of hull arrangement ensures that you never get pounded in any sea way. The side decks are nice and wide for easy movement around the sides of the boat.

On the cockpit, large comfortable, fun helm seats are surrounding the twin helms for pleasant sailing. Also, the positions of the helm seats ensure that all controls are easily accessible even if you’re shorthanded on the crew. The cockpit seats offer enough space for friends and family to join you on the cruise with enough spaces to accommodate six to eight persons and a large table in the center. The table has lots of storage areas around and spaces for cup holders.

The twin helms are very gentle and neutral, as well a comfortable helm station with plenty room for you to have a friend to keep you company while you captain the boat.What better way to board a yacht like this than the vast dropdown swim transform platform with a ladder, which allows for chilling while at sea? The electronic platform allows for easy loading of the ship on the dock. The dodger on the boat has a very solid handrail which prevents you from moving along with the tides.


There is a tremendous amount of space on the interior with maximum lighting at the deck saloon because of its favorable arrangement. There is also a significant amount of headroom, as a person above average height can successfully stand at the very point where the trunk starts to head down and still have a lot of space over their heads.

The interior is a fun place to socialize due to its sizeable enormous space around the saloon table and a straightforward L-Shaped galley with lots of compartments and drawers. The galley is a nice place to cook your meals and prepare your beverages.

The navigation station is exquisitely designed not only for planning nautical details but also to socialize with friends in the saloon and organize your life. There are lots of handles incorporated into the fiddles, so you always have something to hold on too.

The cabins are exquisitely designed with a fantastic fitting and finish and loads and loads of storage space and also separate showers for the best experience on board.


  • Yacht builder: Elan Marine
  • Year of built: 2018
  • Length: 13.85m
  • Width: 4.318m
  • Draft: 1.90m
  • Cabins: 4
  • Toilets: 2
  • Berths: 8-10

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