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A safe and robust deck construction

Bavaria Cruiser 37 Review

Good things always come from German shipyards, and the Bavaria Cruiser 37 yacht is one of them. The Cruiser 37 is a modernized version of Bavaria yachts undergoing revolutionary changes. Ranging between 33 and 56 feet, the Bavaria Cruiser 37 has notable features that prove it far superior to the cheap and straightforward design its predecessors portrays. The new design is sophisticated, trendy and boasts the very best of German's traditional craftsmanship. Here is a detailed review of the Bavaria Cruiser 37.

Hull & Deck Construction

The Bavaria Cruiser 37 is an upgrade that replaces the old generation Cruiser 36. So, much was expected from this new version, and as it turns out, it didn’t disappoint.

The first thing that caught attention in the Bavaria Cruiser 37’s new design, is the hull and deck construction. The hull features a sandwich construction with Airex foam inserts. Dependable aluminium reinforcement is applied within the deck where adequate deck fitting is mounted. Unlike in the Cruiser 36, Bavaria engineering reverts to fiberglass laminate below the waterline. The deck on the cruiser is also laden with foam, alongside the aluminium plates that provide additional strength where deck gear is mounted.

The hull’s top-most surface incorporate IPA resins, which happens to be the typical choice in marine applications, and the aim is to provide superior osmosis protection and water resistance. The hull and the deck joint are precisely screwed together, and the outcome is an overwhelmingly superior product that is tailored to conquer its market.

On-Deck & Cockpit Design

The cabin top features a set of sheet tracks and chain plates right at the edge of the deck, creating notable uncluttered decks. The anchor locker features an electric windlass that serves the single bow roller.

The cockpit table is fixed, and it provides a softening bracing point for the crew in the spacious, comfortable cockpit. The cockpit also houses the plotter and the compass. This arrangement is perfect in a boat that has no pretence towards racing. While the seats are not the longest to sleep on, a user can easily stretch out enough on the cockpit.

Unlike the Cruiser 36 that had a single wheel, the cruiser 37 features modern twin-wheels design. The twin-wheel offers convenient access to the attractive drop-down swim platform, which is a lovely part of the most modern cruising vessels. The helmsman has plenty of room to seat either side or behind the wheel.

On the three-cabin option, the Bavaria Cruiser 37 cockpit lockers are shallow, but they appear wide and long enough to hold warps, fenders, dinghy pump, and kedge anchor. However, the two-cabin option provides a user with a cavernous, reliable locker capable of taking a dinghy and outboard—the best choice for yachtsmen that fancy extensive cruising.

Interior & Cabin Design

With the new and innovative deck layout came a fabulous interior design. The Bavaria cruiser 37 transition to twin wheels also entail the need to move bulkheads forward, which opens up the saloon. The design appears familiar with typical Bavaria interior concept. There are the opposing settees, L-shape galley, and centreline table while the living area looks serene, warm and inviting. It is also well sized with mahogany veneers (oak and teak are options). Abundant air and light streams in freely through many opening hatches and portlights, including hull ports in the fore cabin and saloon.

The master cabin forward features a nice stowage locker with shelves and adequate space to hang clothes on. Some storage room is also available beneath the long, wide berth.

In the 3-cabin option, the twin aft cabins are roomy enough and have lots of storage for short and enjoyable cruises. On the other hand, the two-cabin option features a wider head compartment with separate shower, plus a dedicated navigation table, which is not there in the three-cabin option.

In the single aft cabin, the berth itself is also bigger. Considering that, the settees on both cabin options are long enough to lay on, most buyers operating outside the charter business will probably fancy the two-cabin option more.

Any sea cook will cherish the Cruiser 37 galley’s layout; thanks to its decent and beautiful stowage, a nice looking, deep double sink, a well-insulated refrigerator, and two-burner stove. Apart from pro basketball players, the 6ft-5in headroom should please all comers.

Under Sail

With the Bavaria Cruiser 37 bearing the exclusive touch of Farr’s superb engineering skills, no one fancy the boat to sail poorly, and it doesn’t either.

The Cruiser 37 sails without stress on 6.5 knots at 35 degrees confronting the apparent wind, tacking through within 90 degrees. It is also not difficult to hit 7knots when coming off the wind to a close reach. The little jib is user-friendly, very easy to handle, and can be sheeted in without a winch, providing a user to keep the proper time of the tracks.

No one will argue with the Jefa steering as it renders excellent feedback, plus the boat’s light and positive feel, all proving enjoyable sailing.

Under Power

The boat moves easily at 6knots, propelled on by the 28hp Volvo-Penta sail drive, with its powerful two-swinging fixed blade. The handling under power is without stress, and the system installations are nicely done, as one would expect from any good shipbuilder. An excellent fusion system, shore power, battery charger and Gamin sailing equipment meet the standard requirements.


The Cruiser 37 is the hallmark of Bavaria new revolutionary range of cruising yachts. The Cruiser 37 completes the replacement phase of Bavaria’s compact size boats, and this lovely 30-footer will surely find some nice home on the bank of the eastern seabed. As for the charter market, this boat defines the concept of “small but mighty.” The Cruiser 37 is the “flying yacht” for sailors who love to demonstrate their sporting enthusiasm without sacrificing the relaxing segment of their leisure time.

With a two-cabin version handle the need of four people and a three-cabin option for the collective joy of six people, the Bavaria Cruiser 37 can be best described as a floating apartment of space, comfort, and leisure.

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Bavaria Cruiser 37
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Bavaria Cruiser 37
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Real time price & availability
RatingBavaria Cruiser 37 - 3 cab.
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RatingBavaria Cruiser 37 - 3 cab.
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RatingBavaria Cruiser 37 - 3 cab.
Special deal 10%
RatingBavaria Cruiser 37 - 3 cab.
Special deal 10%
RatingBavaria Cruiser 37 - 3 cab.
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