Yacht Charter in Italy

The cradle of European culture, Italy holds numerous secrets and ancient artifacts. Historic monuments tell tales of magnificence, past and present. No one needs reminding that Italian cuisine is the spawning point of pizza and numerous pasta dishes, but there are so much more to try. Traditional seafood dishes will entice you to make port every night. Locally grown produce, including wines and farm-to-table vegetables and spices will captivate your mind and body. Italy is the country with the most UNESCO world heritage sites in the world, and a living archeological excavation site.

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Where to start? Sailing regions in Italy

Where ever you wander off to Italy, you will reminisce with longing and lust. Italy`s long tradition of boat building and sailing results in high quantity of ports and marinas, you can find one at every step of the way - ideal if you plan to rent a yacht. While cruising throughout Italian coast, here are some of the top destinations not to be missed.

Campania region

Campania, south of Rome, incorporates Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri, Positano and Naples, with the Gulf of Naples being a perfect place to charter a boat and begin cruising the Italian coast. An abundance of water sports is to be found in Campania - scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing and more, all to be enjoyed under the summer sun. You can clearly see Mount Vesuvius from a deck of a chartered yacht. The famous volcano was responsible for the eruption in 79 AD, which froze Pompeii in time - some of the villas there are so well preserved that the colors of the mosaic seem like they were painted yesterday.

Lazio region

Lazio and the eternal city of are inseparable. Rome is a hive of culture and presents numerous churches, cathedrals, squares and fountains proudly. When you stand at the base of the Colosseum, you will know the definition of absolute magnificence, as it is the case in witnessing The Basilica of St. Peter in Vatican City. All this and more are to be found in Rome. Be it true, there are no famous beaches or beautiful sea-attractions, but several sailing key points in the vicinity are the port of Civitavecchia and the volcanic archipelago of Pontia, which comprises of 6 islands, all of which can be added to your sailing itineraries.

Liguria region

Liguria, or the Italian Riviera is one of the best places for a sailing vacation in Italy. It is where the cliffs meet the Mediterranean in a gentle embrace. Genoa, the main city of the Liguria region, homes the stunning harbor town Portofino. From there, only a short sail away is Cinque Terre National Park, an archipelago of five picturesque coastal towns.

Tuscany region

On the shores of the Ligurian Sea, there lie the seaside towns of Tuscany, each of them a testament to their rich history. The five stunning villages of the Cinque Terre are located on the stunning cliff-tops overlooking the coast, a beautiful sight to behold. The surrounding towns and villages in the vicinity will win you over with their charm and Mediterranean hospitality.

Sardinia region

Sardinia offers plenty of choices for chartering, the island coastline being sown tightly by marinas, big and small - the biggest and most popular ports being Cannigione, Portisco, La Maddalena, Cagliari, Olbia and Palau. Extend your reach with a chartered boat to the untouched territories, like the Maddalena archipelago. The clear waters around Sardinia will make you want to extend your sailing holiday indefinitely, when you try sunbathing on the beaches of Spiaggia della Pelosa and Nuraghe Su Nuraxi.

Sicily region

Sicily is rich with history, and cities like Taormina, Palermo and Syracuse bare witness to it. A small city of Tonnarella is, for sure, the most famous among sailors for its marina from where majority of yachts in Sicily region are rented. Natural beauty and scenery are something Sicily also possesses in great quantity, whether it be pristine crystal waters and long sandy beaches or rocky coastlines and secluded coves. There are also three volcanoes to explore not far from the coast - majestic Etna, visible from the sea, as well as Stromboli and Volcano.

Venice region

Venice, a Mediterranean classic and the romance capital of the world will win you over with countless canals and wonderful Renaissance architecture. Take a cruise down the Grand Canal, you'll be able to see Ca'Foscari, Palazzo Grassi, Guggenheim Museum and the Accademia Bridge, but don't forget, gondolas are the way in which one can truly experience Venice in all its glory.

When is the best time to sail in Italy?

The optimal sailing season in Italy is between May and October. Conditions vary according to location, but in the summer, there is plenty of sun, warmth and mild winds to enjoy. The prevailing winds in summer blow from the north and northwest, with speeds not exceeding 3 - 5 Bft. July and August are the hottest months - you can expect about 30 degrees Celsius, which is no surprise, considering about 10 hours of sunlight per day in those months. Also, between July and August, the sea temperatures hit 26 degrees Celsius - ideal for staying in the water for hours on end.