Yacht Charter in Croatia

Croatia, the pearl of the Adriatic and the last of unspoiled beauties of Europe, has a coastline of nearly 2000 km that is speckled with thousands of islands, quiet coves and pristine beaches, glistening with golden sand. Croatia`s rich history and sailing tradition makes it a perfect holiday destination for all those who see themselves on a boat surrounded by the beautiful blue Adriatic. Small fishing villages witness the connection the Croatian people have with the sea, which reflects the fame and popularity Croatia has as a sailing destination.

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Where to start? Sailing regions in Croatia


Dalmatia, a term encompassing within itself the whole of the Southern Adriatic, offers a rich array of possibilities for any kind of sea- lover. Whether it be adventure, a family holiday or an unforgettable summer experience with friends, sailing and yacht renting have been made easy and available in Dalmatia.

Dubrovnik region

Dubrovnik, the most famous city of Southern Dalmatian region, is timeless history reborn: the essence of medieval Mediterranean, with its mighty stone walls and paved roads polished by the countless feet that stood in awe of the spirit of that mighty city. Dubrovnik incorporates within its vicinity a small archipelago, The Elaphiti Islands, which are a must-see for all sailors. Charting a yacht or a boat is the easiest thing to do in Dubrovink and the main islands of Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep provide ample of opportunity for exploring.

Istra region

The Istrian peninsula dominates the Northern part of the Adriatic Sea and is a perfect choice for all sailing enthusiasts. Pula, a city rich with historic sites and culture, most notably the Roman amphitheatre, is also a Mecca for charting boats, sailboats and yachts and an ideal place to start your boating holiday. Located in the vicinity is the Brijuni National Park, an archipelago of 14 islands and every seaman's dream come true.

Kornati region

The flawless Kornati archipelago contain 147 islands, both tiny and huge, all tightly packed, making them the ideal place to make port and enjoy the beautiful night sky. Mostly uninhabited, Kornati do not offer typical vacation accommodations, like hotels, but what they lack in infrastructure, they make up in plentiful green islands and a mystical blend of history and nature -whether you are an old-hand or just now charting your first boat.

Kvarner region

Ready to expose their secrets to any explorers willing to hire a boat is the Kvarner region. The mainland boasts well-equipped marinas, good restaurants and a buzzing nightlife, like in the city of Opatija. Just few hours drive away from Opatija is the Ucka Nature Park, with its highest peak commanding the view of the whole region. The Kvarner Islands: Krk, Cres, Pag, Rab, Losinj are the most inhabited and provide a good place to start your boating vacation in Croatia.

Murter region

Murter rules the many islands in its vicinity and the crown jewel - the Kornati archipelago National Park. In the close vicinity are also the National Parks of Paklenica and Krka and Nature parks of Telascica and Vransko lake. Being a mix of culture and nature, in Murter you can enjoy specialized restaurants that offer only the finest of local cuisine, which will satisfy you tastebudes. On the summer repertoire of events are the numerous concerts of both classical and pop music and the yearly boat regatta, Latinsko idro.

Sibenik region

The Sibenik Archipelago awaits the enthusiastic sailor, with 249 islands stretching out over a wide area, just waiting to be explored. In this island complex, only six have permanent residents and make for a rustic getaway. Sibenik will win you over with its blend of medieval architecture and rich, modern services, for both the land-lovers and sea-lovers to enjoy. The cathedral of saint Jacob, a UNESCO heritage site, is a must see when you stop at Sibenik.

Split region

Split, a buzzing hive of sailing activities in the centre of the Croatian part of the Adriatic coast, offers plenty in terms of yacht charting. The numerous catamarans and other means of nautical transportation offer a chance to experience the most hidden parts of the Adriatic, even to those unable to rent a boat. Not to be missed is the Diocletian’s Palace in the centre of the city. Nearby is Trogir, a charming medieval walled town on a small island; definitely worth a stop!

Zadar region

The Zadar archipelago consists of hundreds of islands and islets: Dugi Otok with its pristine Saharun Beach, Ugljan and the Kornati Islands National Park and Telascica Nature Park. The city of Zadar offers something for everyone willing to enjoy Croatia to the fullest: traditional cuisine, rich history and an exciting night out, should you choose it. Something every visitor to Zadar should witness are the sea organs - a spectacular blend of nature and modern architecture. The Zadar marina boasts in rich supply of maritime services; charting a boat, sailboat, yacht or motor yacht is made easy and accessible

Sailing season in Croatia

Croatia's sailing and boating season lasts from May to October, coinciding with the best weather in the Mediterranean and with European holidays. Summer is ideally the best time to chart a boat or rent a yacht in Croatia, with July and August having the warmest temperatures, but also being overrun by tourists and sailors alike, all wanting to revel in the splendour of the Croatian coast. When the high season is over, in late September and early October, then comes a time which only the luckiest characters can enjoy. The wind and the sun are both gentle, the sea water is still warm and the boat prices plummet. The appeal of a sailing holiday Croatia is obvious. It is a well-organized boating destination with good yachting infrastructure, so hiring a skipper or bareboat chartering would not be a problem.

Land temperature

Land temperatures in Croatia vary depending on the area, but usually the coast and islands enjoys the benefits of the Mediterranean climate, ranging from May till until October. In the coastal cities, the average summer temperatures are between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius, but the higher values can be around 35 degrees Celsius; In winter the averages are about 6 or 7 degrees, and spring and autumn usually vary.

Sea temperature

The sea temperature in Croatia usually exceeds 20 degrees in every month of the sailing season, between May and October. The month with the warmest water is August, when the average is around 25 degrees. The water temperature in winter does not exceed 14 degrees Celsius.

Winds in Croatia

The most frequent summer wind is the Mistral, a noteworthy wind with moderate intensity, which cools those hot summer days and is ideal for sailing. Mistral will be your constant companion if you decide to chart a sailing boat in Croatia. In the winter, blowing from the north, the Bora wind dominates, with its high speeds and is best avoided by all but the most experienced sailors. Those more faint-hearted can always hire a learned skipper.