All you need to know about The Dufour 520 GL


The Dufour has many surprises up their sleeve and sailing experts are always thrilled with its features and this Dufour 520 Grand Large is no exception! It most definitely is one of the most sought-after charter models out there.

Planning to spend your days sailing on your next vacation? Then the Dufour Grand Large 520, one of the most popular yachts today, is the right choice for you. Dufour, a legendary brand, has made its mark on the international charter market by reinvented itself with the Dufour 520 GL which is, as many would agree, the right balance regarding elegance and comfort.

If you plan to charter this sailboat, you will find this brief review useful. Here’s what the Dufour 520 GL is all about.


Onboard the Dufour 520 GL you will find that the interior space has a welcoming ambiance and a contemporary layout. Inside, you will find the area to be luxurious and yet bearing the natural tone of solid wood.

The lighting is pleasant while the deck windows already allow plenty of natural light into the saloon. In the rooms, LED lights are placed perfectly beside the beds and inside all of the wardrobes.


Based on the chosen layout out of the four possible layouts this yacht has to offer, up to twelve people can be accommodated in five cabins. This is if you combine the double and single bunk berths. The layouts offered are three cabins, two heads with a pullman berth with bunks, three cabins and three heads, four cabins, three heads and a pullman berth, four cabins and four heads. The layout can be incorporated with three bathrooms which is ideal for when you’re out with family or friends.

For additional space, the yacht’s aft port cabin is converted easily from double to twin beds. The Dufour 520 GL is completely equipped with all the essential gallery appliances and added accessories which make it a modern and functional charter yacht.

The cockpit

You will find that the cockpit is quite large and that it is fully enclosed along with spacious aft seats allowing greater levels of conform.

The cockpit table contains a handy barbecue in the aft seats and a fridge right beneath the table-top. Also, the central aft seat can rotate to about 180 degrees and this allows for additional seating for when guests are around the table. Undoubtedly, the cockpit will be the most packed place onboard this pristine yacht whether it is to cook, just relax or socialize.

The Dufour 520 GL has a double level platform that raises its standards of innovation. You will find that the upper level of this platform extending up to the cockpit and even the space outboard. The lower level however enables the process of easy docking, disembarking and unloading.

There are two large winches present that are reachable from the helm. They control the sails rather easily. A wide transom enables great visibility plus control if you’re sitting behind the wheel. Sailing onboard this yacht ensures you never miss out any of the surrounding views.


The main enhancements of the 520 seem to be around the aft end of the cockpit. The revolutionary 500 model had an outdoor gallery with a grill. With this yacht, the chef could stand on the drop-down transom and whip up gourmet meals. The odor and heat however, stayed out of the cabin. This is pretty much the same concept on the 520 but the execution of the details is undeniably improved.

You will notice that the portside transom seat can lift up and outboard, revealing the sink. The grill will now be tucked right into the center section. When the lid is down, the seat becomes a part of a sun pan. The integrated backrest also doubles as a leg and you can flip it all the way over or forward. The lid will then become a guest seat in the aft end of the table. Now a larger party can be accommodated in the cockpit. Need to stock up on cold beverages? You will be thrilled to know the cockpit table has a 40-quart refrigerator drawer. You can keep your drinks and snack handy at all times.

The Dufour 520 GL has probably the highest sailing standards of the day.

As a prominent part of the Dufour family, the performance quality of the 520 GL is remarkably outstanding. This is the type of quality that has made the brand internationally renowned and successful. The new model promotes powerful sailing mechanisms that are easily manageable. Its great performance begins at the helm and answers quite well to the needs of the helmsman. You can stay on course effortlessly as the helm station is wisely equipped with a functional pod console that integrates all of the navigation instruments needed.

A new back rest has been incorporated into the corner of the push pit ensuring there is always additional security and comfort while navigating. Apart from this well thought out innovation at the helm, the 520 also provides powerful speed. You are guaranteed to have sailing thrills at a relaxed tempo. Comfort and elegance are never jeopardized at any point.

It meets the needs of experienced sailors but also serves its purpose well with sailing beginners, a group of friends or family members who want to have an exciting sailing adventure at a relaxed pace.

Spending time onboard this magnificent yacht is nothing short of a fantasy, with its first-class accommodation facilities along with a manageable cockpit that can create space and time to relax while on vacation. The Dufour 520 GL will prove to be an indispensable indulgence and this is something you should seriously consider for your perfect sailing holiday.

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