Sun Odyssey 440: Unique Design to Offer Comfortable Cruising Experience


It is not common for the yacht builders to come out of their comfort zone and develop a completely new kind of charter. It happens rarely, and Sun Odyssey 440 is such a rare happening.

The boat has been launched as well as developed by Jeanneau. The first notable thing about it is definitely the appearance of the yacht. The uniqueness in design or appearance is truly commendable. In the following section, we shall find a complete review on this yacht. We shall discover the interior, performance, comfort and various other aspects of Jeanneau’s Sun Odyssey 440.

The Deck

At mild windy situation, like 4 to 12 knots of true wind, Sun Odyssey 440 can make respectably good progress. With the increase of the speed of wind, it becomes more involving on the helm. It is very responsive with the change of wind speed and that is a good thing. It makes cruising comfortable and safe for the travelers. Due to its little unconventional design, it could struggle a bit, when it comes to stormy situation. However, it is a holiday yacht and it is meant for vacation renting purposes. Thus, it does not have to deal with stormy situations. So, from that aspect, it is safe and comfortable to cruise on the Sun Odyssey.

Pointing ability of the boat is controlled by shoal draft keel (1.6 m). Presence of it makes the boat quite responsive against the changing velocity of the wind. In general conditions, having mildly strong wind, it can sail at 5.3 knots with 2000 rpm. It is equipped with three bladed propellers, which ensure excellent grip. At the time of maneuvering, the twin rudders have been found to have no thrust to deal with. The yacht is wholly reliant on the prop walk. From layman’s perspective, the yacht is highly suitable for the vacation purpose. It can ensure safe as well as comfortable cruising experience for the boarders.

The helm has been regarded as the most important part of a charter. In this case, Sun Odyssey 440 is poised with twin wheels, having diameter of 82 cm. They are installed at a little unconventional height. This is why the appearance of this yacht looks a little different than the others. The sitting options are quite comfortable and enjoyable. If you are seeking a holiday yacht, the sitting options of this yacht on the deck area will definitely make you feel tempted.

There is a walkway too, in order to ensure seamless passing of the crew and guests. The outboard has a plenty seating options. On a bright sunny and mild windy day, sitting on the outboard when cruising will definitely give pleasure to the guests. However, sitting at the outboard may make one feel a little exposed with nothing in front. So, some guests would love sitting here, and some would not. There is a little adventure feeling, when you opt for sitting on the outboard of Sun Odyssey 440. On a sunny and breezy day, it feels fantastic to sit here with a glass of exotic drink at hand.

The deck also has efficient mechanism of draining water. In case of strong windy scenario, water often falls on the deck of the yacht, especially when the boat makes a turn against the wave. The splashes of water that fall on the deck can easily be drained with excellent draining mechanism. The water draining channel is also connected with the cockpit so that no water logging issues can happen inside the cockpit.

Though helm is heavy, steering is perfectly smooth and responsive for this yacht. Additionally, there is optional carbon wheel, which feels lighter than the usual wheel of the boat.


The interior of Sun Odyssey 440 features contemporariness. It is made with sense of elegance and sophistication. The interior volume has also been planned with a lot of care, and it reflects through the overall appearance of the interior of the boat. It has been panned meticulously to make the interior more spacious for the guests. Thus, it can cruise with a good number of guests without compromising the comfort factor. Spacious saloon is warm as well as comfortable. Every corner looks soothing and homogeneous to the eyes. Overall, the design and space management of the interior of the yacht is commendable.


As stated, interior of the yacht has been meticulously designed to make the interior space appear wider. More space obviously adds more comfort. The similar meticulousness in space management can be found at the cabins too. All those cabins are poised with comfortable arrangements for the guests. They are outfitted with large berths which feature comfortable bedding. There is separate shower compartment, which also comes with luxurious and elegant arrangements. Shower compartments feature contemporary double door access.

Overall, the yacht is comprised of all kinds of sorts facilities that add comfort and sophistication in sailing. In order to rent this charter, guests can find authentic information and steps of renting at the official website. If you are thinking about a family vacation or simply a romantic vacation with your partner, Sun Odyssey 440 is a perfect option for you, both safe and comfortable.

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