Lagoon 40 2018/2019: New choice for sailing vacation


Upon setting your eyes to the Lagoon 40, its aesthetic beauty that stands out would immediately capture any boater’s attention.

While maintaining the genes of its predecessors, it simultaneously creates a unique style and design because of its distinct, streamlined and adept design, hefty portholes and stunning view. This produces the refined and sophisticated unit, highlighted by the chamfer that extends from its bow to the stern. This new generation Lagoon can pioneer the future trend of catamaran boats in terms of performance and interior aesthetics that could turn in its model forerunners for good.


The most conspicuous development on deck lies at the aft end, where the portholes or windowpanes have been squared off. From the swim platforms, a prelude of two light steps leads to the cockpit which features a transom seat and rearranged table allowing better movement and accommodation of, at most 12 people.

One major design change is the ergonomically integrated helm base that is accessible from the cockpit or deck by steps, thereby allowing continuous communication or conversation between the skipper and the crew in the cockpit even while driving or standing watch. Perceptibility is excellent behind the twin large transoms with a spacious swim platform, permitting easy entrance to the tender, secure and comfortable boarding.

The helm is accessible to the starboard lateral deck allowing skipper to help crew when docking or anchoring. You can step out through this way or use a flip up ladder at the cabin top to ascend the hardtop. The ladder was designed to provide easy access to the mast from the foredeck. Two hollow cubbyholes hold the winch and water tanks. And as a recreational vessel, a dual gap in the forward window allows you to pass food and beverages to anyone relaxing on the foredeck instead of going around the cockpit.


The interior aesthetics of the Lagoon 40 is typified by elegance and radiance with the use of swish materials by Nauta Design. Shady lumber veneers accentuated on chic traces of leather inflections add opulence to the interiors. The boat comes with multiple accommodation layouts, to meet the needs of owners and large families, to wit: a saloon, 3 cabins, 4 cabins with 2 heads and 4 cabins with 4 heads. The sliding door that that divides the saloon has integrated book shelves, demonstrating that every space is functionally optimized. On the other hand, natural lighting is provided through the integrated portholes in the large hull window glazing, which equally provide an outstanding view of the seascape.

While the saloon and galley arrangement on the main deck is maintained, the aft port corner contains the three-burner stove for cooking, the under-counter refrigerator for storing supplies and storage for utensils and cookware. A supplementary freezer and locker provisions are overhead to the starboard. A petite nav desk is pleated into the headlong port crook for multi-function display and gadgets. In this way, all the things you need are pretty much arranged within reach while maintaining traffic for crew and guests inside is free flowing. Great attention is given to the design, and even flow of movement makes the innovative interior a sincerely enjoyable living area.

The starboard structure can either have two lodger cabins with a single head and a big stall shower or each cabin can get its own head without a shower. However, if you plan to charter this sailboat, two identical hull designs with two heads are readily on hand. This is ideal in order to accommodate more people.


The Lagoon 40 is more than just a downwind yacht. This craft can maintain her speed even at a 50-degree ostensible wind slant. Crucial to operating the vessel is the 706ft Code 0. Opening out its hefty headsail, you can reach 10 knots of speed with just 16-18 knots of spot-on wind on a rafter touch. That demonstrates its ability to optimize the natural power of the environment to sail.

Windward sail band is 875ft with a self-appending jib for stress-free control. A four-sided crown mainsail is discretionary in order to deliver greater horsepower for upwind sailing.

Through an air current of 60ft 5in, the Lagoon 40 is capable of out-sailing bigger cats of the same category. Her trim and compacted helm makes for undemanding undermanned sailing. Because of this, it is easy for sailors to be lax and for cruisers to enjoy the trip than be occupied so much in running the boat. The ease of operating the boat makes it perfect for renting to go for a relaxed sailing vacation.


The standard motor of the Lagoon 40 is a twin 29hp Yanmar diesel engine with cruise drives and folding propellers. In cumbersome waters, you can opt to glide along in less than 10 knots of speed. Complying with industry standards, the engine chamber entrance is outfitted with a hinge astern to allow you to examine or look over the engine while running without the need of getting inside transoms. The engine room is sufficiently wide to allow sailors and mechanics alike to work on the motor without the complication and the preposterous need to position yourself in uncomfortable stance just to perform regular maintenance.


The new-fangled Lagoon 40 2018 by the French catamaran builder is a truly user friendly forty-footer catamaran designed with emphasis on both performance and interior appeal. It is the perfect vessel to rent or hire for a sailing vacation with family or friends. With its new features, it is set to retire older models of the Lagoon which have set the standard for a vacation yacht. With its upgraded lodgings, it can safely and comfortably accommodate guests. With its power and operational agility that could give a good turn of speed, it’s no wonder that the new Lagoon 40 can become a top-notch choice when it comes to cruising comfort for boat enthusiasts, sea adventurers and ordinary vacationers alike.


  • Yacht builder: Lagoon-Bénéteau
  • Year of built: 2018
  • Length: 11.74 m
  • Width: 6.76 m
  • Draft: 1.35 m
  • Cabins: 3-4
  • Toilets: 2-4
  • Berths: 6-12

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