Perfect Getaway with an Oceanis 46.1


The perfect partner in your ocean getaway is the Oceanis 46.1. It is the successor of the Oceanis 45, a boat that has achieved so much popularity all over the world. In fact, in 2012, the 45 won the European Yacht of the Year, giving credence to where the Oceanis 46.1 is coming from.

In the past, rock stars, oil sheiks, and the financially privileged, were the only ones seen on board with private yachts partying or taking destressing vacations in different alcoves around the world. However, until recently, there has been a surge in yacht charters for various reasons including corporate events and family outings. Practically everyone can charter a sailboat today with just a few clicks.

Aside from drinking, eating, and just simply chilling out on the yacht, there are plenty of other activities that you can indulge on especially if you chose a great spot to anchor for the day. You can snorkel and admire the world under the surface of the water. You can stretch your limbs and swim for that long overdue exercise. Without further ado, lets jump right into the review of Oceanis 46.1

Cockpit and Deck

The Oceanis 46.1’s cockpit boasts of a design and size that is way bigger than the other yachts available in the market nowadays. And, it’s not only the huge cockpit that makes this yacht truly remarkable.

With internal oblique mantles and verticals placed on the keel portion of the boat, the fragmented pulleys liberate a large volume of space to allow unimpeded movement on the yacht’s deck. As a standard, the Oceanis 46.1 is fortified with a mast roll up machinery and a self-tailing baulk. With this self-tailing system, all the sheets and halyards automatically roll back to the two hoists on both sides of the rudder station.

The Oceanis 46.1 has a longer mast which boosts its sail area exponentially, compared to other yachts made in the same year. With a mast this size, this magnificent yacht offers nothing less than a unique cruising experience for all you vacationers and sea lovers.

The aft offers the same comfort and security as the rest of the yacht. One solitary step is what separates the massive swim platform from the cockpit, providing unimpeded entry to whatever pleasures the sea has to offer. You’ll also love Plancha grill placed on a swing arm over the stern. This allows you to cook your meat or fish from the cockpit of the platform.

There is an outsized table on the cockpit that can allow up to eight persons. Same table also acts as a housing for the life raft. One, or rather two, small details that you will find very useful are two stylish reclining loungers designed with drinks holders which can be conveniently placed at the ship’s helm if you want to unwind. However, if the time to take a nap comes, the sun loungers can be easily hauled up and snapped into place at the ship’s bow.


Plenty of natural light is allowed entry into the middle of the boat through the huge portholes. The natural light accentuates the sophistication and class of interior finish plus it offers a magnificent view of the sea and the horizon. The dressers in the interior comes in various finishes including mahogany and light oak.

If you go with the three-cabin version, then you will be glad to hear that the cozy owners cabin has its own separate shower, separate head and a double bed that can be accessed on both sides. The substantial height of the cabin’s ceiling allows the bed to be deigned in such a way as the headboard faces the same way as the yacht. The guest rooms are located astern of the companionway and both are the same size. There is an option to go with one shared or two separated heads for guest rooms.

The four-cabin version of Oceanis 46.1, which is most common among charter operators, separates owners cabin into two smaller cabins, each with its own private head.

If you go for the Oceanis 46.1 five-cabin and three-heads type, you will be faced with two different galley designs – either lengthwise or L-shaped.

Stress-Free Sailing with Oceanis 46.1

Besides accessibility, comfort, and beauty, another wonderful asset the Oceanis 46.1 has is its attention to the safety of the people on board. The split rigging design liberates a huge expanse on the deck allowing complete freedom of movement.

The unmistakable improved steering and yacht control can be attributed to the twin rudder system equipped with a fiber steering. All the Oceanis 46.1 enhancements were put in place to provide the crew and all the passengers utmost comfort, safety, and the experience of luxury.

A trip on astoundingly beautiful sea craft such as the Oceanis 46.1 is way better than a staycation at a posh hotel or a dinner at your favorite restaurant. It will be an experience of a lifetime, something that you and your loved ones will always remember. Travel in style with the Oceanis 46.1.

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Oceanis 46.1 - 4 cab.
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Oceanis 46.1 - 4 cab.
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