Sailing lovers will probably be familiar with this dilemma

To charter or to buy

The truth is that both options have their advantages and their disadvantages. You desire to go on a sailing vacation and you can afford to buy a boat but you want to be sure if it is the best option. You have to consider a couple of things.

Cost is one point to consider as boats are quite expensive. Flexibility and time should also be considered. We will list out the advantages of buying a boat and chartering one including their disadvantages.

Buying a boat

The first step to buying a boat is finding the one you love (or can afford) and then buying it. The advantage of owing a boat is that you don’t have to wait for it to be available. There is the assurance that it is waiting for you whenever you need it.

If you are someone who dreams of having a life at sea and sailing from one exotic location to another then buying a boat is a great idea. Owning a boat gives you the freedom to customize it to your taste and show your boat some personal love. If your life is spent sailing from one place to another on a whim, owning a boat will grant you the freedom, opportunity and means to do so. You barely have to pack and unpack between locations. Owning a boat gives you flexibility and freedom to sail off for a while and even live on your boat if you desire it.

On the flip side, owning a boat will restrict you on a trip. You are stuck with the boat style ,till you buy a new one. Owning a boat is expensive. The routine care and yearly haulage from water alone cost a bundle. Boats suffer from wear and tear. This results in unexpected repairs and expenses. Boat owners need to have good insurance on their boats. Maintenance and care of boat is your responsibility.


If you are someone whose taste in boats is always changing, then chartering is the best option. It is cost effective and allows you experience different boat types. Chartering allows you to just stand up and leave. No responsibility to the boat. No maintenance worries. If you are on a trip, you can always charter a different boat wherever you get to.

Chartering allows you go to as many locations as possible without hauling the weight of a boat around. Chartering a boat is stress free and way less expensive. When you charter a boat, it is easy to visit different places and quicker too. You can always get to the desired location and charter your dream boat and sail off.

On the other hand, if there is a large crowd at the bay, you might not get to rent your dream boat. Not owning a boat restricts the amount of fun you can have with it. Where boat owners can pull off the lord and master act because it’s their boat, you really cannot do that. On a rented boat, you have to be conscious of the owner’s rules.

In the long run, chartering or buying a boat depends on your decision and what you want but let’s not forget one old saying “Boat owner is truly happy twice once when he buys a boat and once when he sells it”.

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