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The Bali 4.0 Catamaran Review

Bali 4.0 REVIEW

The Bali 4.0 Lounge, that has been created by Catana Group, dominates with its interior and exterior spaces to serve the interest of the charter market.


If you’re one out of many ardent yacht lovers out there, then the new Bali 4.0 Lounge should top your list of yacht charter options this summer for obvious reasons.

The Bali 4.0 towers above all others in the catamaran boat crowd, boasting state-of-the-art designs and revolutionary features. Created for the charter market by Catana’s managing director, Olivier Poncin, the Bali’s 4.0 oversized and wholly open living spaces, plus a competitive price makes it a nice charter consideration for you this summer.

Deck & Cockpit Design

It is always extremely difficult not to ‘fall in love’ at first sight with the side decks of this beautiful catamaran.

The Bali 4.0 decks are spacious, with excellent non-skid surfaces. Hats off for the beautiful handrail carefully molded into the top of the cabin. However, when you ascend to the forward lounge area, there are no substantive grab-points forward of the cabin. Nonetheless, the features and design are breathtaking.

The rig features a VMG aluminium mast, powerful and simple in design. A Solent jib on traveller with its self-tacking design makes sailing simple, and a huge mainsail with square-topped finish provides plenty of space. All lines in the Bali 4.0 deck leads beautifully to the raised helm station, which is very quick to reach. The sheets and halyards on the Bali boat will do well with electric winches. While the headsail furler comes from Profurl, the hardware is a product of Antal.

No other dinghy davit system can beat the one on the Bali 4.0 yacht. The whole afterdeck transom lowers precisely from sturdy, husky steel supports to deliver a dependable platform for boarding. Raise it, and you will find that the dink is well above the water.

The cabin “Garage Door” is always an eye-catcher on Bali’s boats, and this one didn’t disappoint at all. It opens remarkably on hydraulic lifts to produce a massive living space. You can lower the door and retreat into the interior in times when the weather appears unfriendly.

A couple of steps will take you to the raised helm around the starboard, where you can have everything in a perfect view, except the stern of the port hull.

Lastly, the Bali 4.0 features a single cockpit area wholly flushed and devoid of any encumbrances. A sizeable folding glass door running on electric ram gives you an access to the area. By this design, you can easily switch from Cosy Mode to Lounge model. A forward cockpit boasts a dining area for five people, including a vast sunbathing portion, which replaces the traditional trampoline design on old versions.

Interior & Cabin Design

The Bali 4.0 features incredible interior design. The interior joinery of the boat stems from the famous Italian composite material—Alpi, which has a mixture of thin African woods and is laminated together with a beautiful outer surface. The addition of other complimentary fabrics sums up a tasteful, calm, and modern decor.

The wiring and plumbing are neat and perfectly mounted, with through-hulls of the alloy similar to European boats with excellent double-clamped hoses. The port hull features an owner’s suite with a large head compartment and big double berth aft, all complete with individual showers, where you can have a lot of space on the inside to manoeuvre. This includes a usable bilge area for bottles, cans and other heavyweight items that can withstand humidity. The galley design includes a Liebherr fridge and an Eno stove.

The Bali 4.0 boat starboard hull is separated into two cabins. Each of these cabins has enough space for a couple, along with a shared head compartment spread out between them. The company also produces a similar version having two ensuites, while the latest model features four cabins to meet the needs of the charter business.

The saloon or lounge (as it is sometimes called) has a large space that is similar to a conventional apartment. It features nice seating for a small group of people around a table. It has a vast linear galley forward and a beautiful upright household fridge. The only thing missing is overhead grab-rails in case the boat encounters rough water.

The windshield centre drops down easily which produces wide-open access to the foredeck. Once you raised the “Garage Door” standing between the lounge and the afterdeck, what you will have is a massive area where you can party, relax or just enjoy a panoramic view of the enchanting sea with a fresh breeze blowing through directly.

Under Power

Despite its high and stubby profile that makes it look more like a house rather than a yacht, the Bali 4.0 still hits waves with surprising speed and perfection. With its 2,300 rpm of under power and midsize cruising capability, the boat exerts plenty of leverage as a result of its well aft rudders in the prop wash. Running the hulls at 8 knots of 2,300 rpm, it will take you through the water on a forward base. The inner and outer sound levels are comfortably low, ensuring that you enjoy a relaxing ride while under power.


One thing that makes Bali’s boat stand out from the rest in the charter business is the idea of having a stable and open platform from stem to stern. The foredeck design on the Bali 4.0 incorporates lightweight infusion technology alongside its new and unique box sections. This design effectively replaces the netting without additional weight.

It won’t be wrong to say this boat is a floating apartment, a coaster cruiser and a party platform. So, if you want something that is large yet lightweight, with a feel of ‘home’ offshore, Bali 4.0 has it all.

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