Dufour 460 Grand Large: unique design for unique people


For some, aura and ambiance are all the required elements in choosing the right boat. With exquisite craftsmanship and unique, exquisite design, the Dufour 460 GL ensures the best and most comfortable feel on board for the man of class.


It isn’t hard to see that all comfort and functional requirements on board were carefully thought out right from the fold down platform very close to the surface of the water offering easy access to the boat. Also, just beside the platform is a locker that allows for easy access to the water while at anchor.

Another unique and extremely fascinating design of this boat is the built-in, fully equipped outdoor galley concealed underneath the portside cockpit seat with a gas grill, providing comfort and enjoyment while on board. The large benches on the cockpit can accommodate up to six people with a sun deck that is easy to set up and can be filled with cushions.

The helm station has a sublime wheel which ensures a reliable and comfortable grip on the wheel. There is also a control area around with a jet thruster and the throttle which is at waist level, allowing for maximum control of the board no matter how long or short your arm is.

The easy to set up center cockpit table is extremely functional with a lamp which creates a nice atmosphere in the evenings, loads of storage space and a fridge with two built-in cup holders. The wide and open foredeck contain many windscreens that allow light into the interior of the yacht.


You are bound to get awestruck when you step down the companionway of the Dufour 460 with the view of the extremely pleasing wide space, natural light, and a unique interior design configuration, with the manufacturers and craftsmen taking into consideration aesthetic and functional aspects of interior design patterns. The adjustable sofa storage space in the partition leaves room for decoration or champagne glasses to enhance the comfort of your guests. There are also concealed bottle holders in the armrest and a hidden wine cellar in the hold for more locations to store more wine. The manufacturers are, after all, French.

The galley is functional and unique. There is a convenient and comfortable sink with faucet for seawater and freshwater, as well as a bin system that ensures all your waste and recyclables are dutifully collected. There is also a stove with three burners and oven.

Wide opening doors lead the way to one of the most exquisite and spacious master cabins ever seen. There is enough space to fit in 1.65 meters wide bed as well as loads of storage locations. The built-in espresso machine that produces hot espresso just beside the doors of the cabin seals the experience in the cabin section.

As we already know, the French are the second to none when it comes to aesthetics, uniqueness, and hospitality. The Dufour 460 is no different. Its functional design ensures that you have an excellent home to entertain not just your guests, but yourself.


The Dufour 460 Grand Large is a unique model that benefits from all the design experience used on all boats from the 45 to 46-foot range. In other words, it is at the midpoint of this delivery as all the building expertise and lessons learned from the other models are used in creating it as an all-powerful vessel.


  • Yacht builder: Dufour Yachts
  • Year of built: 2018
  • Length: 14.15m
  • Width: 4.15m
  • Draft: 2.20m
  • Cabins: 4
  • Toilets: 4
  • Berths: 8-10

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