Lagoon 450 F: prestige at its peak


All-around comfort is the ultimate objective of every luxury boat design. Here is one that accomplishes this beautifully, while being spacious, classy and elegant.

The Lagoon 450 F - 4 + 2 Cab presents the elaborate chic typical of Lagoon-Bénéteau-designed boats. Spanning 13.96m in length, this 450 model is an obvious progression from the preceding 440 model, which itself was a fantastic piece of craftsmanship. The 450, however, is a worthy successor, leaving little to nothing to be desired.


It is apparent that the designers of the Lagoon catamarans invested a lot of thought into this improvement of their 440 model. They created a much more significant, much safer 45-footer that is also more luxurious and comfortable. The flybridge around which the entire deck layout is centered (the “F” in “450 F” actually stands for “flybridge”) has been redesigned, retaining the original idea rendered by its predecessor, but portraying an improved iteration.

Another major improvement is that you can now quite easily access the bridge, its steering station, engine controls, sheets and related running rigging, and a new, dedicated basking lounge, directly forward on the upper deck, in a matter of seconds. This is attributable to the sets of stairs incorporated directly into the cockpit to port and starboard. Not only is this a better use of space, but it is also a much better approach from a safety standpoint.

The cockpit itself has been reorganized, with a new wraparound settee and dining table to the left, and an inviting comfort couch to the right that significantly opens up the floor plan. There is also an apt overhead opening hatch in the hard dodger that can offer ventilation and sunshine in good weather, and protection from the elements under harsh conditions.

Frontward of the distinctive cabin house, sporting the typical Lagoon rounded corners and big windows, there is a second cockpit/lounge area with a pair of colossal seat lockers. One of which would ideally contain an optional 11-kilowatt generator, a feature most owners would probably choose, although a trio of 135-watt solar panels is yet another handy add-on to meet electricity demands. The boat possesses a 1000-liter capacity fuel tank and an 800-liter water tank and twin 57-hp engines.


The spacious luxury of the Lagoon 450 F is indeed a worthwhile experience. The saloon and cabins are exceptionally well-lit. Its minimum of four, maximum of six cabins (this is what “4 + 2 Cab” represents), four bathrooms, and eight to twelve berths make the vessel perfect for a medium-sized company. This elegant interior can comfortably sleep eight to twelve persons.

The cockpit and specifically the dining area to the left is situated directly behind the large, U-shaped galley in the main saloon, which has its own specially designed sliding window behind the sink. In actuality, when the sliding doors of the cockpit are opened as well, there’s virtually no separation between the interior saloon and the exterior living area. It’s one big open space, perfect for holding functions and for outdoor living.

The ultra-modern accommodations, fittings, and fixtures have been fashioned by the Italian interior experts, Nauta Yachts. The entire design exploits space and incorporates loads of enthralling little touches such as indirect lighting, witty latches for the lockers and drawers, a hidey-hole cabinet for the flat-screen TV, and a washing machine with an attached hamper, among others.

This beautiful model indeed shows how much consideration for the users’ total comfort the craftsmen at Lagoon-Bénéteau put into their work. Choosing this boat equates to opting for maximum luxury for you and your borders.


  • Yacht builder: Lagoon-Beneteau
  • Year of built: 2018
  • Length: 13.96m
  • Width: 47.84m
  • Draft: 1.30m
  • Cabins: 4
  • Toilets: 4
  • Berths: 8-12

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Lagoon 450 F - 4 + 2 cab.
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Lagoon 450 F - 4 + 2 cab.
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