Dufour 360 Grand Large – Sleek interior design like no other


Everything about the Dufour 360 Grand Large is right, making her your best option for family getaways or even if you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

If you are planning a perfect holiday, either for your family or friends, nothing beats chartering a yacht. It is what everyone calls “taking a break – IN STYLE”. Everyone deserves a posh vacation every once in a while and what better way to spend your holiday than in an amazing yacht traversing the high seas. Grab this opportunity to unwind, relax, and relish special times with your loved ones.


The Dufour 360 GL boasts of a new and enhanced interior design, beginning with the teak finish that provides a warm and not too gloomy ambience. There are two other finish options – Moabi and Oak. The floors of the yacht are made from solid oak and the seats come with a new upholstery design. The galley is built with ample storage space, a kitchen sink, an oven, and a table that can be flipped over to accommodate six persons. The front cabin is well-insulated to provide regulated temperature for people sleeping on the very comfortable double bed. The next cabin also has a double bed and lots of storage space. The bathroom is even equipped with an electric commode.

Deck and Cockpit

One of the most noteworthy innovation done on the Dufour 360 GL is the new deck outline. This novel design is matched to all types of nautical travel making this yacht a very versatile vessel. The hull has also been remodeled to match the latest deck design. The boat’s transom is made to be a little bit taller to make available ample space for a larger rear platform.

The helm has been furnished with columns and consoles which greatly improves movement in and around the cockpit. While the deck has almost twice the size of the precursor 350, presenting a larger area for parties, get-togethers, hang outs, and just plain chilling out. The floor down below is, in most cases, on oak parquet which gives it that high end homey feel.

The cockpit is hemmed in so that there will be enough space for the grill and the transom sink. The sink and barbecue grill is actually smartly concealed by the rear seats. The instrumentation is awesome because it is available on both sides of the ship: on the starboard is where you will find the starter, tachometer, and all things related to the engine, while the navigation data, the wind vane, and the compass can be found on the port side.

Sailing Experience

Aside from the high-class ambiance that the Dufour 360 GL offers, there is also much to say on the remarkable sailing experience it provides. The design of the hull is not only for show but also for performance. The hull of the ship has been constructed in such way to give the people on board the finest balance during sailing, both below deck and above. To give riders optimum stability whatever speed is, the wide aft beam, chines and the rudder have all been enhanced in their design.

The Dufour 360 Grand Large is, by and large, a massive improvement from its prototype – the 350. Aside from the huge space on the helm (which is very rare in other ships with the same size), the cabins have been designed with lots of natural light seeping in. And the Dufour 360 is also wonderfully uncomplicated to operate and sail.

In Finality

She is an enjoyably, easy-to-maneuver craft with a large and beautiful cockpit arrangement and a sunny and expansive saloon. In the two-cabin model, what you get is a yacht with lots and lots of deck storage, a huge cabin compartment, a great looking and very usable chart table. With everything on the ship that has been designed to be congruent to each other, you can really fall asleep even when the ship is moving.

Give yourself, your family, and your friends, the holiday of a lifetime by renting Dufour 360 GL. With the yachts fine features, you can visit the best uncrowded beaches, fish in the best fishing spots, chill out in the coolest inlets, party all night long with your friends and family under the moonlight without worrying about the neighbors, or just sit down, relax, and admire the ocean view wherever you want to drop anchor.

Plus, yachting nowadays is not that expensive at all. And with a chartered yacht, you get to travel everywhere but you only unpack once. Whether it’s a romantic honeymoon, a family island hopping adventure, or a week-long party with friends, a chartered yacht will bring you some of the finest memories that will last you and your loved ones a lifetime.

In a busy world such as ours, it is best to disconnect once in a while and pamper yourself with a trip on a Dufour 360 GL!

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