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The Hanse 455 cements its position on the market as one of the best sailboats with functions in place for relaxation, safe cruise, and ambiance.One is welcomed on board first by the excellent boarding platform, which happens to be the best position for divers and swimmers to get some sun rays and a little feel of the ocean before diving in. This same platform also serves as the perfect entrance for cruisers and sailors as well as loading on deck.


The side decks have been stretched out and made wider to give a broader and bigger cockpit space.

A nice feature of the sailing components is the positioning of the primary winches which consists of the electric winches at arm’s length for easy reach and control while having excellent visibility of the sea from the starboard helm seat.

A bow locker located at the edge of the foredeck contains enough space for a grown man to fit in, with a beautiful storage space to keep sail bags and storage of other navigation tools.


There are beautiful, exquisite features found as you step down the companionway staircase. Apart from the amount of light that hits your face thanks to the four hatches on the starboard side, there is also a beautiful door after the saloon area, demarcating the forward master cabin from the salon.

The interior decorators did more than expected in the galley, coming up with an L-Shaped structure with many compartments and drawers for utensils and materials storage. The cushion around the saloon table takes the shape of its own, surrounding the saloon center table with its elegant U-Shaped masterpiece. Though fairly conventional, the galley does its bit in adding to the comfort of the owners and guest alike with a nice open space that houses a top loading fridge and bottom freezer, separated for functional operation.

The signature feature of the forward cabin is its fairly large space and availability of lockers, cupboards, and drawers for proper storage so that it becomes easy for you to feel at home. There is also, within the master suite, a separate bathroom and toilet to the flanks of the enormous island bed which is positioned at a reasonable height for easy entrance and exit.

The ambiance is loved by many, and this well-decorated interior structure helps many find that love. With control buttons located at specific places within the reasonably ample interior space, LEDs come on and go off at the push of a button, creating the perfect environment at night or during special occasions. The island section controls this function as it is the location of the control panel of these LEDs.

At the chart table just beside the little kitchen, there is a beautiful space for relaxation with USB ports by the side for charging of iPads and Phones, with easy self-explanatory control guides.

Finally, as you step out of the interior, just below the companionway staircase, you find concealed a nice little engine room with a powerful engine and lots of room for easy accessibility.


  • Yacht builder: Hanse Yachts
  • Year of built: 2018
  • Length: 13.95m
  • Width: 4.38m
  • Draft: 1.82m
  • Cabins: 3-4
  • Toilets: 2
  • Berths: 6-8

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