Covid-19 insurance policy included in price

All boats with green ribbon saying "100% Covid-19 money back" have free of charge insurance policy with Allianz along with the special payment plan which covers full refund of the charter price (100% money back) in cases of skipper or crew member illness from Covid-19 or a mandatory personal quarantine.

- 100% Covid-19 money back - insurance policy included in price
- 20% of the total amount - upon booking confirmation
- 80% of the total amount - up to 30 days before start of your charter

Bali 4.5 – spacious and surprisingly agile

Bali 4.5 REVIEW

The major work of the catamaran builder Catana, is the Bali 4.5, a twinhull that wholeheartedly appeals to the cruising and chartering market that comes at a very reasonable price. The Bali easily competes with other vessels in the same category, and even upstages some of the Fountaine Pajot or Lagoon catamarans, making it an ideal choice for a sea adventure.


The prime prerogative within the Bali 4.5 is the openness of space, which is achieved by removing the trampolines, lengthening the forward cockpit and adding large vertical windows between the salon and forward cockpit, thereby expanding the living space from bow to stern. This is possible by using box sections while building the bridge deck, which allows for the removal of the rear bulkhead structure and the installation of a stiffer, harder and more buoyant platform. On the bow of the 4.5, a dinette is equipped with two tables, capable of fitting 8 people, plus a large sunbathing surface. Lockers hidden beneath the seats, provide ample of space for storage, while the anchor line is located at the mast foot. The aft cockpit is designed around an L-shaped sofa, a lunch table and a chaise lounge, with the astern handrail leaving room for a wonderful diving board. Because the trampolines have been done away with, the forward deck on the Bali 4.5 is converted into a massive platform with huge sun-loungers and settees, capable of entertaining large numbers of people comfortably. Add to this the fact that this forward sun-deck is directly connected with the galley, and you get an unlimited potential for cocktail parties, barbecues and dinner evenings that span the entire length of this wonderful seacraft.

The Bali 4.5 is available with a starboard-side helm station or a flybridge, the downside being that the boom must be raised to provide the extra room for potential passengers, which cuts into the mainsail and adds extra weight. Nevertheless, the flybridge, with included protection from the sun, is comfortable and spacious for at least 5 people. From the excellent 360 degree vantage point the flybridge provides, it is a very easy task to sail the Bali 4.5 in all kinds of weather and visibility conditions. The helm station is equipped with state-of-the-art Nav and Sat instruments, as well as being supremely positioned. The Bali 4.5 houses a 50hp Nanni diesel engine, which is aft-facing, allowing for the sail drive to be forwarded of the rudder. The 4.5 can easily achieve 8 knots at 2,100 RPM and 6 knots at 9 knots of true wind speed. In addition to the engines and saildrive, there are 400W of solar panels located on the bimini top.

Below deck

The massive salon in the interior of the Bali 4.5. houses a big galley and a dining area, together with the chart table and NAV station. The galley has an integrated U-shaped balcony astern, which is useful because it holds the wide fridge + freezer combination, together with Eno cooktop stove, an eye-level oven and a very wide double sink, with plenty of storage space throughout the galley. The pass-through windows that connect the cockpits with the galley make the cook never feel left out, being able to communicate with both the bow and the stern of the ship. Touch-screen control panels for most of the systems aboard can all be found in the forward-facing Nav station, also located in the galley. In the three cabin/two bathroom version of the Bali 4.5, the left hull is dedicated to the ship-owner. The middle of the hull houses an office parallel to a huge bathroom. The massive amounts of storage space that the wardrobes and lockers provide come together perfectly with the design of the master cabin, which combining luxurious features and materials with smart architectural solutions, like a sofa and a desk. The right hull contains two cabins, one bigger than the other, with attaching bathrooms, which are accessible from the hull, not from the cabins. An alternative version of the Bali 4.5 also covers a layout featuring four cabins and four bathrooms, a version most often used for chartering services. In this version, the toilettes are completely separated from the showers to allow for more flexibility of usage.


The Bali 4.5 is built to satisfy different tastes, which shows in it`s performance, sailing capabilities, comfort and luxurious design. The solid forward deck is a revolution in catamaran architecture, which the Bali 4.5. utilizes fully, providing the concept of open space from bow to stern.

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Bali 4.5 - 4 + 2 cab.
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Bali 4.5 - 4 + 2 cab.
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Bali 4.5 - 4 + 2 cab.
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