Yacht Charter in Ionian Islands region, Greece

Seafaring is a way of life in Greece because of its many, many islands. From the beginning of recorded history, the Greek people had to evolved together with tightly packed archipelagos and indented coastline. Sailing became a fact of life and for millennia, the Greeks flourished as a nation, building monuments to their gods and shrines of gratitude to all those that they deemed worthy of remembrance. Nautical services provided by harbors across the Ionians will reflect this maritime tradition of Greek people, in terms of professionalism, quality of service and love for the sea.

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Charter locations in Ionian Islands region

Cruising around the Ionian islands means plenty of opportunity for exploring secluded parts of the land and sea, re-discovering ancient knowledge and sailing in the footsteps of Hellenic heroes. Around the Ionian archipelago, if you rent a boat, it is easy to find stretches of coast barely occupied, even in the peak of the sailing season.

The colors of the sea and the smell of the summer wind is what awaits any seafarer sailing in the Ionian Islands. With old traditions and glorious past, much can be seen and learned from this part of Greece. Plenty of Venetian castles, especially Agia Mavra, historic sites, museums and monasteries are to be explored, all the while being enveloped by marvels of nature, beautiful beaches and waterfalls.

Yacht charter in Kerkira

Second-largest of the Ionian Islands, Kerkira is predominantly mountainous. The North coast is very indented, meaning there are lots of bays and hidden places, like olive tree forests and quiet rocky beaches, with the South holding more regular coastline with sandy beaches stretching for miles. Kerkira is surrounded on all sides by many little islands, ideal for island hopping. The old core of Kerkira is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasting many Renaissance, Baroque and Classical art styles, both in architectural treasure and valuable artifacts from those eras. To be explored in the old town are many museum and other important sites of cultural heritage such as the cathedral in Kerkira, the Church of St. Spyridon. Beaches of Kerkira are numerous indeed: Kavos beach, Issos beach with golden sand surfaces, Agios Georgios Pagon, a beach located in a bay, Acharavi beach, Kalami beach and many many more.

Yacht charter in Lefkada

Meaning White in Greek, symbolized by the white cliffs of Cape Lefkata, Lefkada is considered one of the Eptanisa or “seven-islands“, with many more smaller islands encircling this larger archipelago. Drepanos, a very narrow canal is the only thing that separates the island of Lefkada from mainland Greece. Together with the Nidri waterfalls, Lefkada is known for some of the best and most beautiful beaches in Greece: Porto Katsiki, being the most famous with Kathisma, Nydri, Porosn, Ammoglossa and Agios Ioannis beaches also well-known and enjoyed. Good nautical infrastructure and plenty of good deals on skippered or bareboat yachts means the season for sailing and enjoying the summer in Lefkada starts in May and lasts until October.

Sailing season - When to charter in Ionian Islands region?

The Ionian archipelago is famous for reliable weather conditions and stable winds, making it a coveted area for all sailors. The predominating wind is the Mistral or Mistros, a warm and mild breeze, with out-of-the-ordinary wind elements being extremely rare. Subtle tides and weak currents also contribute to an overall relaxed cruising experience. The sailing season lasts from May to November, with July and August being the most crowded and September a good choice if you want to get a better deal renting a yacht. Air temperature in the Ionian archipelago can reach well beyond 30 degrees Celsius, ideal weather conditions for exploration. With old traditions and glorious past, much can be seen and learned from this part of Greece. Plenty of castles, historic sites, museums and monasteries are to be re-discovered, all the while being enveloped by marvels of nature, beautiful beaches and waterfalls.