Yacht Charter in Volos, Greece

Experiencing a mythical atmosphere alongside some of the most beautiful works of nature in the Mediterranean can be done by coming to Volos, a modern city located in the Pagasitic Gulf, in the region of Thessaly, in central Greece. Volos combines perfectly a potential for a sea adventure with other possibilities the various terrain of Thessaly has to offer. Volos is set against Mount Pelion, a lumbering mass of land, also known as the Centaur mountains, said to be the mythical homeland of the Argonauts and Centaurs.

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Why choose Volos?

Volos is superbly connected with Greece, with two airports in Volos and nearby Skiathos connecting Thessaly to many European cities and the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the port of Volos is a popular stop for many luxurious cruisers and mega cruisers on their journey through Easter Mediterranean. The fact that Volos is the third commercial port in Greece, makes it a more popular with sailors, who recognize the excellent maritime infrastructure of the local marina. The nearby ferry port and harbour connect Volos with neighbouring islands very well, with catamarans and ferry lines being quite frequent during the summer season.

What to do and see on your yacht charter in Volos?

Discovering Volos starts in the district of Palia, located in the western part of the city. Here you can find Volos castle, built as a defence against invader by the local ruling elite. Because it is a cosmopolitan sailing hub, Volos has an excellent selection of luxury boutiques and branded shops, alongside the standard retailers, the majority of which is located on Ermou Street. When sightseeing in Volos, it is possible to stumble upon the large park of Agios Konstantinos, where visitors and locals alike come to find some protection from the scolding summer sun, in form of shade. Other interesting structures include the Achilleio cinema, opened since 1925, the Saint Constantine and Helen church and the archaeology museum of Volos, one of the oldest museums in Greece.

Grabbing a decent meal in Volos, after some sightseeing or after spending a day at sea, is the best thing to do, seeing the selection of traditional mouth-watering dishes and specialties. Firstly, tsipouro (a local spirit, very strong) and meze, which include a large number of small portioned mini dishes, ranging from fresh vegetables and local cheese to handmade bread and dried meat delicacies, served with salads and dips. Local cheeses are particularly renowned for the richness of their aroma and the spicy aftertaste. Most sailors tend to use Volos as a base for exploring other islands in the vicinity, such as Skiathos, Skopelos or Alonnisos. Volos also serves as a main transit hub for the Sporades island, but also for the islands of Trikala, Karditsa and Larisa.

Sailing season - When to charter in Volos?

Volos is full of life from May to September, with all the usual facilities and accommodations being mostly full during this time. The hordes of tourists are most common between the months of July and August, when masses of European sailors flock to Volos to enjoy the perfect sailing conditions and the warm Greek sun.