Yacht Charter in South Athens region, Greece

Sailing in South Athens region means calm and clear waters, with non-threatening winds, marvelous beaches and the highest standard of service in the harbors and marinas in this part of Greece. A jumping-off point to several thousand Greek islands, South Athens attracts many sailing enthusiasts and with yachting season starting in early April and lasting all the way through early November, sunny skies, tranquil waters and plenty of interesting locations are guaranteed for all maritime visitors.

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Where to start? Best ports in South Athens region

Nautical tourism is on the rise over the last few decades in Greece, mainly due to beautiful sites of nature and culture, mostly accessible by boat only. Stunning island clusters with quiet coves and sandy beaches offer numerous opportunities to witness important historical findings and archeological sites, vital for the creation of Western civilization. On many docking occasions, sand beaches found on tightly packed archipelagos will emit a greenish glow, thanks to a combination of clear waters and pristine white sand, looking like a meadow of green water under the blue sky. Fantastic!

Among the sights not to be missed when visiting South Athens region is the whole city of Athens, a wondrous marvel to behold, truly an eternal city with all the benefits of modern touristic offers. For every visitor coming to Athens for the first time, one moment towers over all others. That moment when you stand alongside the Parthenon, like so many before. To be seen in the distance, only a slight hint of blue sea on the horizon and the city of Athens, a colossus with infinitely many houses and buildings.

Yacht charter in Tourlos

Tourlos, located on the island of Mykonos in the Cyclades archipelago, is a small village not far from the mail island settlement, Mykonos Town. Tourlos is a quiet town that has everything to offer to those seeking peace and quiet. A relaxed stay for all vacationers and sailors is guaranteed in Tourlos and docking ferries coming from the mainland, merging with private yachts and fishing boats, give the local marina a good reputation in terms of service and accommodations.

Yacht charter in Alimos

Alimos is one of the largest marinas in the Eastern Mediterranean, able to receive over a thousand seafaring vessels. A center of nautical traffic in the region, Athens and the port of Alimos dominate maritime travel in the Aegean. Sea traffic jams are always a possibility here, but traffic is regulated by professional Greek maritime officials. Services provided by the marina in Alimos are all encompassing: water, toilets, showers, gas station, bars and restaurants. Only 15 km from the center of Athenes, Alimos still has much to offer in terms of activities, sightseeing, maritime facilities and services. The Alimos beachfront is known far and wide for fine sand covering the coastline and being very well connected with the center of Athens by means of public transportation. It gets very crowded on the beachfront in the summer, because of numerous beach activities, sports and infrastructure for children. The warmest months in Alimos, Athens are August, July and June, when temperatures are known to hit 35 degrees Celsius.

Sailing season - When to charter in South Athens region?

The lush flora around the South Athens region is a result of plentiful winter rains and a mild Mediterranean climate during the summer. The sailing season in the South Athens region starts in May, when the days are hot but the evenings and early mornings are still fresh. This is a good time for all those seeking peace and quiet, with beaches half empty and a relaxed atmosphere. In June, the summer temperatures start to climb and beaches become packed during the day with sea temperatures getting to around 26 degrees Celsius. July tends to be the hottest month and around this time the influx of tourists drastically increases. August is the month when it is best to rent a boat and avoid the coastline altogether; better to find secludedness on beaches only accessible by boat.