Yacht Charter in Piran, Slovenia

Piran is a peaceful medieval settlement with humble beginnings, that rose from a fishing village to a modern tourist destination that draws people from all around the world to the Adriatic coast. Piran is truly a hidden gem and a highlight of the Slovenian coast, with modern nautical services being offered in the local harbour. Many visitors choose to rent boats or charter yachts, to completely explore the adventurous coastline of the Gulf of Piran.

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Why choose Piran?

Located in the southwestern part of Slovenia, Piran is part of the short-but-sweet Slovenian Riviera and a true treasure of the Adriatic. Combing the many cultural influences it encountered throughout its turbulent past, Piran conjoins the attractions and architectural highlights of Venice, the relaxed atmosphere of Croatia and the effectiveness of Slovenia to create a truly unique experience, worthy of any sailing holiday.

What to do and see on your yacht charter in Piran?

The town of Piran, though small in scale, hides many secrets and treasures not visible at first glance, but satisfying to discover after spending some time roaming the cobblestone streets of this ancient settlement. The Church of St. George is the main highlight of the town, with the belltower providing a good viewpoint of the surrounding sea and gulf. Outside the city, the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and Lepa Vida Thalasso outdoor Spa provide excellent stops on every visitors`s way during the exploration of the Slovenian coastline. The ancient walls of Piran are not to be missed, being very well preserved and offering a unique insight to how it was to live in Piran in the middle ages. The main square in Piran is known as Tratini square, with distinct Venetian architectural influences. A short trip from Piran are the towns of Strunjan and Portoroz, filled with modern commodities, like resort hotels, casinos and clubs. From Piran it is very easy to take numerous one-day boating trips to the surrounding countries of Croatia and Italy, visiting places like Venice or Pula.

Sailing season - When to charter in Piran?

It would be best to visit Piran in either Spring or Autumn, because the weather conditions do not change significantly. Piran does get busy between May and August and the influx of visitors brings certain risks of prices going up and available accommodation offers disappearing, but this is easy avoided if you book your berth, vessel or bed several months in advance.