Special deal - 10% down payment for season 2022

All boats with green ribbon saying "Special deal 10%" have very low down payment of 10%. Other 90% is to be paid 45 days before charter period. Let us know if you need more info about this special offer. For all boats that have occupancy calendar in red for 2022 please ask us for a custom offer because they do not have a pricelist published yet. It is expected that all boats will be updated with 2022 prices till mid of October.
As usual you can always reach us by chat, email, phone or WhatsApp.

Yacht Charter in Piran, Slovenia

Piran is a peaceful medieval settlement with humble beginnings, that rose from a fishing village to a modern tourist destination that draws people from all around the world to the Adriatic coast. Piran is truly a hidden gem and a highlight of the Slovenian coast, with modern nautical services being offered in the local harbour. Many visitors choose to rent boats or charter yachts, to completely explore the adventurous coastline of the Gulf of Piran.

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Special deal 10%
RatingBavaria 38
Special deal 10%
RatingBavaria 44
Special deal 10%
RatingDufour 325 GL
Special deal 10%
RatingDufour 44 - 4 cab.
Special deal 10%
RatingElan Impression 45
Special deal 10%
RatingSalona 33
Special deal 10%
RatingDufour 382 GL - 3 cab.
Special deal 10%
RatingGib Sea 37

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