Yacht Charter in Lefkada

Like it was written in ancient Odyssey "And they passed by the streams of Okeanos and the White Rock and past the Gates of the Sun and the District of Dreams". Travelers in Lefkada do not have to worry about venturing further than the district of dreams, for the gates of the sun are to be found right here, in Lefkada, where the sun god made his mark on earth. Meaning "white" in Greek, Lefkada got its name because of the white cliffs at Cape Lefkata, a site of ancient worship and where poet Sappho found her death at her own hands, throwing herself from the cliffs because of love unreturned. Is there a connection between the Odyssey and Lefkada? The best thing to do is to seek out the answer for yourself!

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Why choose Lefkada?

Lefkada belongs to the group of Seven islands or Eptanisa, settled in the Ionian sea. This island is separated from the rest of Greece by Drepanos, a narrow canal, making Lefkada one of the two islands in Greece accessible by car. This island hides many secrets, ancient knowledge and beauties of nature, including waterfalls, deserted monasteries, pristine beaches and clear waters. Exploring Lefkada is made accessible by modern maritime facilities that provide the best service in bareboat and skippered chartering.

What to do and see on your yacht charter in Lefkada?

On the island, among the more important sites to see is the Monastery of Faneromeni, the Agia Mavra castle, Nirikos city, the Agios Ioanis Antzoussis Church and the Archeological Museum, housing many important artefacts from the island`s past. The Dimosari waterfalls and the beaches of Lefkada are renowned for untouched surroundings and pure sea. There are plenty of beautiful sand beaches on the island, but the most popular are Porto Katsiki, Egremni Beach, Kathisma, Agios Ioannis, Nydri, Ammoglossa and Poros Beach, with the area of Vasiliki being an ideal place for water sports fans. Traditional Greek delicacies can be tasted in one of many taverns and restaurants scattered across the island, particularly freshly caught seafood and traditional dishes like aliada, bakaliaros, maridopita, frygadeli and bourdeto. Traditional villages can be found in the interior of the island, preserving the cultural heritage of the locals. The best example of this is Karya, in the centre of the island, where visitors can truly feel how it was to live back in the day. Around the island, boats are the best options for exploring the neighbouring islands of Meganissi, Kalamos and Kastos.

Sailing season - When to charter in Lefkada?

Cruising around Lefkada means sunny and hot weather conditions for the duration of the summer season. With a stable and mild wind, Lefkada offers the perfect conditions for island hopping and exploration. To sail in Lefkada, one can enjoy the typical characteristics of a Mediterranean climate: hot and dry summers with mild and wet winters. Air temperatures begin to climb in May and continue growing through October, with the hottest months being July and August, when it is normal to feel at least 35 degrees Celsius during the day and 25 degrees in night time.