Yacht Charter in Lavrion

Adventure, excitement, passion and fun. All can be found in Lavrion, an important harbor and ferry boat hub for the Cyclades archipelago, located on the south-east tip of the Attica peninsula. It is located near Athens, making Lavrion a place that perfectly blends the sightseeing potential of Athens with some beachtime. The port of Lavrion is opposite the island of Makronissos, a potentially interesting isle worth exploring by boat, because, interestingly, in ancient times it was called Helena after Helen of Troy and was later used as a prison. More than that, there are plenty of other isles worth exploring off the coast of Lavrion, either skippered or bareboat.

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Why choose Lavrion?

Lavrion has an ancient history and is full of interesting tales and mysteries. In antiquity, this port-town served as a hub for transporting silver from the mines to Athens. Today, Lavrion is a place that has good food, nice beaches, ancient sites and natural wonders, all that while still being close to the Greek capital. Sailing around Lavrion is like in the Illiad, where sailors "stepped the mast and spread the glistening sails, and the wind blew gusts in the middle of the sail, and around the cutwater the bow wave, shimmering dark, sang loud as the ship proceeded."

What to do and see on your yacht charter in Lavrion?

The town of Lavrion has some curious treasures worth checking out, like one of the oldest and biggest ancient amphitheatres in Greece and a mysterious giant hole outside city limits, with unexplained origins, that maybe even ties to ancient mythology. One of the most popular explanations for how the hole came to be is that it is actually a site of an ancient Meteorite crash, which would explain why there are so many rare minerals around that area. The local Mineralogical Museum houses 700 samples of minerals and 100 different metals, all found around Lavrion and the mysterious hole. More notable sights around Lavrion also include the Archaeological Museum and Lavrion's fish market, the best place to find freshly caught fish, especially anchovies and sardines. Near the market are taverns that prepare the best fresh shrimp, grilled squid and fried red mullet. Lavrion is where the columns from the temple of Poseidon at nearby Sounion were dug out, a must-see place for all visitors traveling nearby. Among the beaches of Lavrion, the best of them are Asimakis Beach and Passalimani beach, with the north side of the island being very popular among windsurfer enthusiasts.

Sailing season - When to charter in Lavrion?

Lavrion has very distinctive features of a mild Mediterranean climate, with summers being hot and dry and winters being rainy and windy. The best time to sail around Lavrion is from an early May to an early June and again from a late September to an early October. When visiting during these times, the crowds will be fewer and the prices cheaper. The summer season starts from mid June and lasts until late August. During this time, the days are very hot, with nights being slightly cooler and with precipitations reduced to minimum. The hottest months are July and August, with maximum air temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius during the day. All in all, the best times to visit Lavrion would be spring and autumn, to avoid the crowds, to experience agreeable temperatures and get optimal deals on yacht charters.