Yacht Charter in Epirus region, Greece

In Epirus region, every desire will be met and every need satisfied. Like in the garden of Eden, bounties of nature fill land and sea with life in every form. Here, ancient history merges with everyday living. Rich cultural heritage can be found all across the island, as well as gastronomical delicacies and beaches so beautiful it seems like they were drawn on a postcard.

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Where to start? Charter locations in Epirus region

There are some feelings which are hard to describe like cruising on a yacht and staring into the distance, with a sort of quiet expectation. All captains and skippers also know this feeling disappears as soon as land is nearby, and in the case of Epirus, what land it is! At first glance only jagged rock raising above the sea, but as one sails closer, belts of green start to appear - lush vegetation with fruits and wild herbs grow undisturbed in their rocky honeycomb beds above the blue sea- that is Epirus region!

In Epirus region, sailors acknowledge, like in days of old, the call of the sea - a gentle longing, combining hope and sadness; like a mermaid’s call. All sailors will know of this magnetic force, which possesses all seafarers, regardless of a vessel or an experience, to sail across the open waters into the unknown. There are few regions in the world where one can experience this unique bond between man and sea and Epirus is such region.

Yacht charter in Perveza

Perveza is an important port on the Ionian coast, situated on the entrance to the Gulf of Amvrakikos. In the days of ancient Greece, Preveza was known as the entrance to Hades, the Greek version of hell. Greeks came from all across the land to visit the 'Nekromanteio' or 'Oracle of the dead', with the Achertontas River being a personification of Styx. Today, Achertontas River hosts rafting and kayaking events and the wetlands of the Acherontas river delta is home to a wide range of endangered plant and wildlife species, particularly birds. The old town of Preveza and its near proximity is home to historic sites like the Agios Haralambos cathedral or the three castles: Agios Andreas, Agios Georgios, and Pantokratoras. While sightseeing, culinary masterpieces can be found in numerous taverns all along the long coastal promenade, among them succulent pies, grey and red mullets, shrimps and especially freshly caught sardines.

Sailing season - When to charter in Epirus region?

In Epirus region, temperatures are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The warmest (and the busiest) time to visit this region would be August, July, and June, with mid August having the highest average air temperature of 33 degrees Celsius during the day and 22 degrees at night. With the wind being usually calm, sailing in Epirus will be an unforgettable experience.