Yacht Charter in Alimos, Greece

Alimos is located on the coast of the Saronic Gulf, very near Athens. The first settlers here were of the Neolithic period. In antiquity, Alimos was a fishing village on the outskirts of Athens, boasting the historian Thucydides as a famous citizen. Today, Alimos is a hive of activity, both maritime and coastal, thanks to its large port and relative closeness to the Greek capital, Athens.

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Why choose Alimos as starting charter point?

A perfect jumping off point to thousands of Greek islands, Alimos and the belonging marina are well equipped to make every sailing excursion go as smoothly as possible. Chartering a bareboat or hiring a skipper is the easiest thing to do in Alimos marina, it being one of the largest marinas in Greece, with over a thousand berths and a maximum sea depth of 6.5 meters. The facilities in Alimos marina cater to all needs, so all the necessities like electricity, water, fuel, parking, slipway, dry docks, first aid, restaurants and safety and security are provided. Alimos is located southwest of Athens - not even 20 km separate the seafront at Alimos from the necropolis in Athens and the two are very well connected with public transportation .

What to do in Alimos?

The traditional Yachting and Sea Tourism Festival in Alimos Marina is recognized as a global event, with many sailing enthusiasts from all around the world coming together to see the latest in seafaring technologies and to have a good time watching the Regatta competition from the beach. The beach at Alimos is sandy and located near the city centre. Being connected well with public transportation, it is crowded for most of the summer season, populated with locals and tourists alike. Alimos beach is ideal for families with children because of the easy access to the sea, so it is not recommended for those seeking peace and quiet. From the beach, it is a short trip away to the Necropolis of Athens, a must-see if docking in Alimos. In classical antiquity, Athens was one of the most important cities in the world. Today it retains a status of a magnificent location, where one can easily loose themselves in history and culture or choose to enjoy more modern commodities like fine cuisine or a sprawling nightlife.

Sailing season - When to charter in Alimos?

In Alimos, the hottest month is August, followed by July and June. The middle of July is when air temperatures reach their maximum, climbing as high as 36 degrees Celsius during daylight and 26 degrees in the evening. The lowest chance precipitation in Alimos is to be expected in May and July. August is the windiest month, with an average wind speed of 5 knots, considered to be a light breeze. The peak of the summer season in Alimos is in June and August, with prices for accommodations, both on land and in the marina, being much higher than the rest of the year.