Lipari Islands an untouched nature as an extraordinary destination

Lipari Islands 7 days

With Tropea, the beautiful city with its old narrow streets and the small cafes as well as excellent restaurants, you have found your home port. A small city tour or simply a day for bathing are worthwhile here as well. The first island, Stromboli, offers anchorages north-east of the ferry. Despite the countless tourists and explorers visiting the volcano, the island has retained much of its originality. This alone shows the population: a little over 500 inhabitants living there permanently.

The island of Panarea

The island of Panarea, south-west of the island of Stromboli, offers beautiful sand and pebble beaches, which invite you to bathe. In front of San Pietro, you will find the city center after a short walk. Located directly on the beach, you can enjoy the evening sun in a restaurant.

The island of Lipari is the hub of the Aeolian Islands. A few nautical miles from Panarea, there are many bars, restaurants and cafes - a must go for gourmets who want to enjoy the flair and cuisine. The fortress on the mountain enchants with your panorama view.

Island of Vulcano

On the island of Vulcano, not far from Lipari, you can reach a safe harbor - in the true sense of the word. The two bays around the Vulcanello peninsula are separated from one narrow land - in case of unfavorable winds, you can change the berths. The sulfur smell of the active volcano should not disturb you. Hiking enthusiasts should expect up to four hours to get a unique view of the bays from above.

Before returning to the port, sail to the island of Salina. From the marina you can reach the old town in a few moments: bars and restaurants invite you to stroll and stay. Relax just before the last sailing trip to Tropea.

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