Yacht Charter in Sicily, Italy

Sicily, the largest Italian island and one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, is separated from mainland Italy by the Strait of Messina. The Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Seas offer ample of opportunities for explorations, one day field trips or relaxed cruising, with line-of-sight orientation and weak, but refreshing breezes. Sicily has many ports and marinas where chartering various vessels has been made readily available and easily affordable.

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Why choose Sicily?

Sicily possesses plenty of reasons for visiting: mountainous terrain combined with the desert landscape of a volcano, wooded hills and sandy coast, all in an incredible spectrum of colours -vivid and alive. The regions of Trapani, Siracusa, Palermo, Enna, Catania, Agrigento, Messina, Ragusa and Caltanissetta offer something for every type of sailor, be it a fine selection of luxury yachts or affordable boats for rent, seasoned cabin crew and skippers or simply providing basis or advanced maritime maintenance.

What to do and see on your yacht charter in Sicily?

Throughout the long and turbulent past of Sicily, there were many masters which left their distinct mark on this, already diversifier region. The Greek, the Arabs, the Romans and the Normans, all had a distinct role in the shaping of what Sicily is today. Many places in Sicily can potentially spark an interest in the imagination of sailors that are coming to bask under the Italian sun. The cities with cultural heritage and ancient history, Palermo and Syracuse, offer much in terms of sightseeing and history lessons. Mt. Etna and the surrounding region have marvellous volcanic landscapes and astonishing wines. Many temples of Greek and Roman origins lie scattered all over the island, like Segesta or Piazza Armerina, waiting to be rediscovered. The nature of Sicily is abundant with spectacular sights and hidden treasures. There are a lot of isles around Sicily`s shoreline, like The Aeolians, Egadi, Pantelleria and Ustica, all of which are perfect fish-picnic destinations. The great volcano of Mt. Etna, the highest in Europe, symbolizes all that Sicily is: a mighty island, durable and diverse, surrounded with a sea of vivid colours. Concerning gastronomy, the baking skill of the Sicilians is known far and wide, mostly for Sicilian dolci (sweets) that are made using traditional recipes and locally grown ingredients. Desserts like marzipan (almond paste), ricotta-filled cannoli, cassata cake and Sicilian honey go well with pistachio ice cream, candied fruit and granita di limone.

Sailing season - When to charter in Sicily?

Being further south than the rest of central and northern Italy, Sicily suffers from a longer summer which brings with itself extreme heats, from June to September. Add to this the fact that spring starts early therr, and you got a window of minimal six months, from May to October, where you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand under optimal sailing conditions, including line-of-sight visibility and moderately weak winds. Micro-weather conditions change depending on the region of Sicily. The north of Sicily gets very little rainfall and more sunshine than the rest of the island. The eastern shores of Sicily get more rain, because of Mt. Etna, whilst the northeast gets the most rainfall in the winter.