Yacht Charter in Portisco, Italy

Portisco is a small village located in the beautiful Italian " Emerald Coast " (Costa Smeralda), between Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. The Tyrrhenian Sea provides the perfect background for sailing in the waters of Portisco, together with lush Mediterranean vegetation and an active aquatic biosphere. The wide variety of nautical services offered by Marina di Portisco makes it a popular choice for launching sailing expeditions around the island of Sardinia and further out in the Mediterranean.

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Why choose Portisco?

Portisco is a small settlement in North-East Sardinia, comprised of enchanting beauty and unique cultural identity. Overlooking the Gulf of Cugnana, Marina Portisco adapts the natural elements of the cove in which it was constructed, maximizing the protection offered to vessel against winds and waves. Providing only up-to-date maritime service, combined with top-of-the-line skippers for hire and luxury yachts on rent, together with more affordable boats, make Portisco Marina one of the main reasons to start you Italian sailing vacation here. The marina offers a little less than 600 moorings to accommodate vessels of all shapes and sizes, all that while fulfilling all the prerequisites needed for eco-friendly sailing.

What to do and see on your yacht charter in Portisco?

The wider area of Portisco is filled with amazing historical and architectural treasures, such as the Basilica di San Simplicio, the Pozzo Sacro Sa Testa and the Tomb of the Giants, with the Archaeological Museum of Olbia housing the most important historical artefacts. The delicacies being served in local restaurants cannot be described with enough praise - locally grown vegetables, hand-picked herbs and spices combined with fish so fresh, you can taste the ocean in each and every bite, making you remember the meals of Portosico long after your sailing holiday here has ended. The shoreline around Portisco is rugged and full of secluded coves and bays, which are filled with lush vegetation and long stretches of sandy beaches. There are numerous beaches in the vicinity, such as Rene Bianca Beach, Razza Di Junco beach and Petra Ruja beach, the latter being one of the top locations for snorkelling on the island. One-day sailing trips from Portisco are a popular choice, with more sought after locations include the archipelago of La Maddalena or Corsica island, with the surrounding archipelago.

Sailing season - When to charter in Portisco?

The summers in Portisco are dry and hot, typically features of a Mediterranean climate. Months that experience the highest air temperatures are July, August and June. Sailing around Portisco during these months means steady cruising under the hot sun, with predominantly light breezes. Bear in mind that during the peak of the summer season, sailors from all over the Mediterranean flock to Portisco because of excellent services provided by the Portisco marina, so berths and other accommodations cost more than usual.