Yacht Charter in Lazio, Italy

Lazio is the main region in Italy and Italy`s capital, Rome, is in the centre of this region. Lazio stretches along Italy's western shore, with a rich coastline called ‘’the Maremma’’. Inland are the Apennine Mountains, with cultivated plains and wild hinterlands. Here, in the heart of the once mighty Roman Empire, some of the groundwork for western civilization was laid. Four of Italy's UNESCO Sites are located in Lazio, the most important being Rome and Vatican city. Planning a sailing vacation here is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.

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Why choose Lazio, Italy?

Situated in the central area of Italy, Lazio region holds one of the most cherished treasures of Italy, the eternal city of Rome and the Vatican, the centre of the Roman Catholic Church. In the southern part of Lazio, the Pontine Islands offer a splendid opportunity for a fish picnic. To the southeast, the lakes Albano and Nemi present a chance for some sweet-water swimming. All these locations rarely see huge numbers of visitors, because of so much activity going on in Rome. The consequence of this fact is that the surrounding region inland is very often quiet and depopulated. For tourists, the good side of this is the fact that locals are open-minded and friendly. Because tourists are a rare sight, they will invite you in for a drink or a chat, while you go on and on about your daily business. The dominant atmosphere of inland Lazio region is - peace and quiet.

What to do and see on your yacht charter in Lazio?

When visiting Lazio, Rome is the first site that should be on anyone`s list of sights to see. The Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Cathedral of St. Peter and many more famous architectural wonders await to be rediscovered in Rome. There is also Villa d'Este located in Tivoli, an enchanted garden and an UNESCO heritage site. Other famous sites in Lazio include Civita di Bagnoregio, the Monastery of San Benedetto in Subiaco, and Ostia, one of the oldest Roman colonies.

Yacht charter in Nettuno

In the Lazio region of Italy lies Nettuno, a small coastal town that is both charming and pretty. In the centre of the settlement is a large harbour, ideal for renting boats or hiring skippers. Chartering a yacht in Nettuno one does not rent a boat - one rents a privilege of sailing in one of the places on Earth with rich cultural heritage, splendid locals and a wide array of things to experience, both in terms of natural beauties and man-made structures.

Old fortifying settlements, like the castle of Borgo Medievale will surely entice visitors to stop and admire the architecture from the narrow stone streets, whilst stretches of sandy shoreline provide ample of opportunity to enjoy the sea and the sun.

Sailing season - When to charter in Lazio

The best time to visit the region of Lazio would be between the months of May and June and September and October. During these times, the hordes of tourists are nowhere to be found, because they mainly flock to Lazzio and Nettuno during the summer months, between July and August. The prices of chartering yachts in Spring or Autumn are consequently significantly lower, as are prices for mostly everything else. Also, during the month of August, many Italians choose to take, part of the month or the whole month off for vacation, so many stores, shops, cafes and restaurants are closed. In Lazio, the winters are windy and wet, with higher altitudes experiencing snow. The summers are warm, hot and dry, with rain being very rare, except in the mountains.