About Yacht Charter in Greece

Located in the southern tip of the Balkan peninsula, where the Ionian meets the Aegean Sea, Greece is a place where the brightness of the sun meets the flickering waters of the Mediterranean. Immerse yourself in the sound of crickets and sunbathe in heavy summer heat, then find refreshment in the pristine Greek sea. A choice of chartering a yacht in Greece means an exciting experience with huge selection of beaches, sandy and rocky alike, crystal clear sea, bursting with aquatic life which is ideal for snorkelling and diving.

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Where to start? Sailing regions in Greece

Greece has many thousands of islands at her disposal and only a handful of these are inhabited meaning the most beautiful beaches are accessible only by boat, so there are no excuses in not chartering. Nautical tourism is well developed, mostly credited to the combination of paradise-like islands and beautifully preserved architecture and historic monuments. Ancient temples in Greece are like blast from the past - high columns of the Parthenon leave all breathless, whilst the temple of Poseidon on cape of Sunion is a gem focusing the beauty of the ocean in one critical point. Visiting Crete, the timeless city of Micenas will make you ponder ancient civilizations laid to ruin by the might of the sea. Endless possibilities await all those who decide to rent a boat and re-discover the good life in the Mediterranean.

Sailing heavens in the Aegean are supremely positioned, such as they offer the most up-to-date charter service and marina utilities, all the while considering your holiday experience, the most popular regions being: Attica, Epirus, Ionian Islands, South Aegean, South Athens and the Thessaly region.

Attica region

Deciding to charter in the Attica region means you will come across a splendid combination of blue sea and green trees, speckled with flowers of all colours. Do not let Attica wait for you, like it did might Odysseus - sail now and meet the adventures that lay ahead face to face.

Epirus region

Ambracian Gulf is located south of Epirus and is a semi-enclosed gulf with a bay commanding the surrounding sailing areas. Many marshes form an estuary, which many of the local wildlife call home. The modern harbour of Preveza is an inviting baying area, and the town nearby offers peace and quiet, without all the fuss of an exciting night life.

Ionian Islands

The Ionian archipelago wins over anyone willing to charter a yacht and go exploring. There are many Islands, each one with its own identity and charm: Corfu or Kerkyra, Lefkada, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakinthos, Kythera and Paxi. Highlights of the archipelago include Smugglers Cove, a beach famous for its beauty and the Blue Grotto, a place that will haunt your fantasies.

South Aegean region

The Aegean islands are an ideal place for a quiet yachting holiday. A rich offer of art, history and culture makes for an interesting tourist hotspot. The dense woodlands and fertile countryside of the islands of the Aegean region are a stunning site to behold.

South Athens region

The wider Athens region is proud of the nearly 4000 years of history it houses within its bosoms. The people of Athens are proud descendants of wise philosophers and mighty conquers, all of whom left impressive monuments to witness their glorious achievements. So too can you witness all that was left behind by the people who sow the seeds of western civilization. Many ports, marinas and bays are a testament of what prime significance Athens was in ancient times but for sure the most important destination for sailors in South Athens region is Alimos. Going on a sailing holiday in the South Athens region means sailing on the waters of the times past.

Thessaly region.

Thessaly region is home to the Pelion Peninsula and the bay of Pagasitikos - a sailing paradise. There are also the pinnacles of Meteora, where fortunes were once told to kings and beggars alike. Volos and its harbour dominate the surrounding coast, which you can use as a base for boating to nearby Evia and the Sporades Islands.

When is perfect time to sail in Greece? - Sailing season in Greece

The Greek climate is mild Mediterranean, perfect for lazing around on the sundeck of a chartered yacht. The best travel time for a boating holiday in this Greece is from the months of May to November, with July and August as the driest and hottest months, hitting as high as 35 degrees Celsius. You can expect average wind speeds of around 3 - 4 Bft (7 - 11 knots) in the summer, with the main winds being: Vardaris, Maistors, Meltemia, Gregos and Sirocco. All of the above-mentioned facts make the Greek archipelago one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world, with all conditions perfect for chartering.

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