Yacht Charter in Cagliari, Italy

The largest city on one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, Cagliari has been the capital of Sardinia for centuries. Located on the island's south coast, Cagliari truly represents the authentic spirit of the Mediterranean. Smiling hosts and locals welcome sailors with all the bounties the island has to offer, including beautiful natural treasures, clean azure sea, cultural and historic heritage and the best deals on boat rentals in the western Mediterranean.

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Why choose Cagliari?

Cagliari is situated in the southern part of Sardinia and holds, to this day, all the classical features of a medieval nautical settlement, with walls, towers and a buzzing old town. Constructed with white stone, the buildings in the old core of Cagliari reflect the sun`s ray in a way that resembles a mirage in a dessert, except Cagliari is as real as it gets. The ancient fortifications tell tales of battles fought and won, and of a magnificent role this city played in the trade lanes of the Mediterranean.

What to do and see on your yacht charter in Cagliari?

Castello is the name of the old town of Cagliari, where the narrow granite passages lead to tight squares, walls and guard towers. Sightseeing in Cagliari means recognizing many architectural styles from Italian Art Nouveau and Neoclassicism to Baroque churches. Castello also houses other important buildings, such as the cathedral of Santa Maria, from the 14th century or the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which has on permanent display many fine pieces of Punic, Greek, and Roman artefacts. The street locally dubbed Costa is a shopping alley, where souvenirs and other products can be bought. The street Via Roma stretches alongside the buzzing seaside promenade, lined with restaurants, bars and clubs, all the way to the marina, where luxury yachts and local boats dock to moor or resupply. From here, it is a short walk away from the Bastion of San Remy, built to defend the Castello district. The most popular beach around Cagliari is the Poetto, stretching over 4 miles and is an ideal choice for a quick dip in the sea or enjoying some water-sports.

Sailing season - When to charter in When Cagliari?

Sailors who come to Cagliari will enjoy all the benefits the Mediterranean has to offer in terms of favourable weather conditions. Geographical specifications dictate the summers in Cagliari to be hot and with minimal rainfall, while the winter is mostly wet and windy. Wind in Cagliari is usually calm throughout the year, with some major wind shifts happening from November to March. From May till October it is best to sail, from Cagliari to the rest of the Sardinian shoreline, and beyond. During the peak of the summer season, from July to August, possibilities for more crowd increase; so do the prices for booking and chartering yachts. If visiting during these months, it would be wise to book a vessel several months in advance, to save on down-payment and to reserve a specific craft.