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Sailing in Croatia

Croatia is home to some of the most idyllic coastlines. Strategically positioned on the Adriatic Sea, at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, it has a magnificent stretch of 2000km ruggedly beautiful Adriatic shore; perfect for sailing. In this beautiful country, there are more than a thousand islands and islets, comprising everything from pebble beach to party towns. Also, Croatia has some of the clearest water, with the European Environment Agency ranking its water amongst the top four in the continent as far as quality is concerned.

Cruising in Croatia can be a once in a lifetime experience for you if you have the best information on location, boat and practices. This article helps to inform you on these factors for the best thrilling experience in this great country.

Locations to try out

It is necessary for first time visitors and sailors to make the southern Dalmatian islands their home, as they are by far the country’s most popular sailing destination, making them the ideal location for first visits.

Best time to sail?

The best times to have the exhilarating experience of sailing would be any time between May and the end of September (especially July and August), as the sea at that time is warm enough for swimming. Also, the air temperature of southern Dalmatia at that time is about 20 degrees, making the weather simply glorious for sailing, cycling, hiking or generally touring around.

Regulations and Authorities to be obeyed

Before you start to catch the cruise of your life, it is important that you go to the nearest Customs office to obtain clearance to sail the Croatian Waters. Also, at the customs office, you might need to pay some fees for safety of navigation and sea protection from pollution. Some tax fees may also be necessary.

It is important to note ensure that these papers be with you at every single point in time during your navigation in Croatia.

Yacht to Use

Although it may seem a bit like a bore, its best to use a skippered yacht if this is your first time in Croatian waters. However, it is necessary to check that the Skipper has a Skipper license either from Croatia or his country. Also check that he has a verified proof that he has permission to sail that said boat.

Weather Update

The skipper is to be an instrumental part of the trip, and it is important that he stays informed of weather patterns and heavy winds of the southern Dalmatian like the Bura, Lebic, Tramontana or Jugo. The best way to do this is to keep up to date with the latest weather forecasts.

Keeping the Sea Green

For preservation of our natural resources, you should respect, protect and take care of the sea. This can be done by avoiding plastic materials totally, and reuse and recycle of products.

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