Yacht Charter in Mugla, Turkey

The Mugla region is located in the southwest part of Turkey and the capital of the Mugla region is the city of the same name. Mugla captures an intimate Turkish atmosphere with a modern twist, where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean. Its geographical position is ideally suited for the role of a major maritime traffic hub, providing all the necessary nautical prerequisites for attracting the international sailing community, with promotional prices for berths, boat rentals and yacht charters.

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Why choose Mugla?

Mugla borders with Bodrum and Marmaris, major tourist hotspots, and attracts a wide variety of travellers. The city of Mugla stretches from the base of the Asar mountain range to the shoreline of the Aegean sea. The crystal clear waters contain an immeasurable variety of aquatic life, truly a diving and snorkelling paradise. People first settled in this region in 1200 BC, so there are many archaeological findings and dig sites to explore. Within the Mugla region, there are many places of interest to visit, such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Datca, Fethiye and Dalyan, all satisfying different needs and tastes.

What to do and see on your yacht charter in Mugla ?

The town of Mugla is proud of it`s Great Mosque from the 14th century and Kurşunlu Mosque from the 15th century. The still functioning Turkish baths, dating from the 13th century, are worth a visit, providing steam baths, massages and other relaxing treatments. Other sights to see include the Witness Tombs, the Muğla Museum and the historic markets, where craftsmen and merchants offer their wares, willing to haggle for anything. The region of Mugla is home to some of the most wonderful beaches in the whole of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Gokova Gulf houses numerous water-sport facilities on long stretches of shoreline. The sandy Gumbet beach, the Blue Lagoon, the Caretta Beach, the Patara Beach and the Butterfly Valley are all places where travellers can enjoy the hot Turkish sun while taking a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean. Besides beach activities, the nearby ancient cities of Xanthos and Halicarnassus provide ample of opportunities to learn something about the ancient past of this region.

Sailing season - When to charter in Mugla ?

The sun never stops in Mugla - it is possible to swim in the sea all year long, thanks to the strong prevailing Mediterranean climate. Long summers are characterized by very hot air temperatures, long dry spells and low winds, with winters being relatively mild and wet. Near the coast these conditions are to be expected, but the inland mountainous terrain is dominated by a more continental climate. It would be best to visit Mugla in September and in November, because the sun is still strong and can be enjoyed throughout your whole stay, but the majority of tourists leave by this time, so the prices for numerous services plummet. Between May and August, it could get too hot for some travellers to handle, so it is best to put this fact into consideration when planning a vacation in Mugla.